#Virgo March 2017

#Virgo March 2017

#General: The conjunction between Mercury and Neptune on March's 4 could make something confusing that you thought you understood. The full moon of the March 12 lets you renew the image you have of you. If you feel comfortable with your appearance, you may also want to experiment with a new way of behaving. How do you want to sound and present yourself? Make changes You may feel that you take the world ahead under the New Moon of the March 27. However, it may be prudent to let the world come to you first. Instead of putting anything in motion, take what touches you directly. You have many opportunities.

#Amor Singles: The 2 of March brings with it an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus that helps you shed many inhibitions that were a drag. Nothing is certain, but almost all the fun is in not knowing if they will reject you. The New Moon in your March 12 sign envelops you in a comfortable and organized environment that helps you reach the next person you are interested in. People who share the love of order and cleanliness are your best partners. Mercury meets Retrograde Venus on March's 18, which helps relax your communication style. Send a casual text message to test the terrain before making an official invitation.

#Amor Couple: The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus from the March 2 can help you get out of your rigidity, especially if you feel comfortable enough with your partner to let your eccentricity flow. Also, if you already revealed your darkest secrets, what is the worst that can happen? There is Full Moon in Virgo on March 12, so dealing with relationships in an organized and methodical way is completely natural during the next two weeks. Emotional attacks are possible, so make sure your partner knows that you love him. Mercury meets Retrograde Venus on March's 18, which simplifies your communications. Would not it be nicer than nothing to be stressful?

#Job: Your attention to detail, your superior intellect and your excellent communication skills cultivate success near March's 12. Do not be surprised if they offer you a promotion or a reward in mid-March. Instead of accepting more tasks, take this opportunity to relax and rest. Going on vacation will give you time to savor your achievements and make plans for a happier future. When you want to return to work, you will have the opportunity to cultivate your long-term financial security. Take advantage of a profit sharing agreement or a retirement plan in the days close to March's 27. If you do not contribute to this fund, it would be like rejecting free money.

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