Virgo Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Virgo

October 2017

Those of the sign Virgo follow in a good stage marked by the stability that they like so much.
The good run is consolidated for those of the Virgo sign, who are in a stage of great fullness marked by stability both emotionally and emotionally and at work. Virgos love the tranquility, security and have a network, so they will feel especially strong in a month of October 2017 in which the stars give them everything they need to be happy.

Virgo October 2017

Life is not rosy, that is well known by those who are part of this sign of the Zodiac, but anyway have more than one reason to smile, and that is what they will do throughout the tenth month of the year . Discover what 2017 October holds in health, love, money and work for those born under this earth sign.

Positive energy flows to you and goes both from the inside out and from the outside in. You release positivity and good humor, and you will find yourself in harmony as all this. If in previous weeks you had to be careful with trips, in the month of October you will continue to have to walk with an eye, but most of all because you feel so confident, that you are able to not pay the attention you should when you walk, or when you are going to sit down, or in some daily and habitual movements. Anyway, if something happens it's not going to be any catastrophe, so you do not have to go with fear either.

Now you are light, you are peace
Dear or dear Virgo, it seems that autumn is going well for you if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, will spring go badly? The answer is clearly not. You have gone through difficult times, but does someone get rid of them no matter how perfect their life is, or rather how perfect they say their life is? Now you are light, you are peace, you are harmony and above all, you are positive energy, of that which is good both to oneself and to others, who will demand your company. So it's fun, Virgo, you enjoy and you're going to enjoy it.

Those born between the 23 of August and the 23 of September have experienced terrible moments with their partner in which they came to think that it was best to put land in the middle and take separate paths. Those of this sign do not like uncertainty at all, they are lovers of stability, and therefore they could not stand the idea of ​​having to row against the current with a relationship that was sinking. However, the change of season restored harmony to the courtship or marriage, returning the illusion, joy, love and why not say it, also passion. Now there are good times for the Virgos who have a partner, who will spend a pleasant month, living a kind of honeymoon that will be stronger and more intense for those of this sign who have less than 10 years with their love. On the sexual level, relationships will be more intense, of greater quantity and quality, so the stars smile at the Virgo several weeks more in love affairs.

The passion and harmony will return to your partner
Unfortunately, not all is good news, since your good mood, your energy and your happiness will not be able to prevent that honeymoon will go deflating at the end of the month of October of 2017. This does not mean that the good is over, but that they will return to more normal levels, evidently better than before the crisis. The worst is over, so you and your partner can breathe easy during a season.

As it happens in all the signs, not all Virgos have a partner. Of course, you have to establish two groups within which are single or single. There are those who were meeting someone special in recent weeks. Cupid threw his arrows of love and seems to have hit right, since the time was propitious, and how good you will feel in October will cause you to want to be closer to the person you have recently met and It seems that you like it a lot. There will be sex, there will be good times, and in short, you will have fun. It seems that this promises ...

This month Virgo will be more active sexually
Then there are the Virgos who have no partner and were not too willing or willing to meet someone, but without closing the doors to something may arise. For them and them, this month of October will be more active on a sexual level. You're not going to stay at home, you're going to have the handsome one up and you're going to meet people with whom to have fun. Virgo, this is your moment, take advantage of it, but do what you want to do and make the right decisions so as not to regret it.

At an economic level it's going to be a bit tighter because you've spent more than you should. The stars warned you that you had to be careful, and you have not managed your assets too well. Anyway, you have room for maneuver and it is not a time of regrets, but of having a little head. Save a little and spend sparingly, because the portfolio will be opening continuously between so much appointment and good times as a couple. Of course, if you want to go out to dinner, do not go to the most expensive restaurant, if you want to make a gift, do not go to the luxury stores ... you can spend a pleasant evening without getting ruined. Will you listen to the stars?

At work you will have stability
As for work, the Virgo will enjoy that stability that they like so much and that does nothing but bolster their good emotional state. You will feel more relaxed or relaxed now that the 'back to school' has passed and you are at a quieter time, although you should not neglect too much. Live your happiness, but also think about the immediate future.

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