Virgo weekly horoscope | 03 to the 09 of July

During this week it is convenient that all Virgo people think before acting.

Horoscope weekly Virgo

03 to 09 July

During this week, you would be in a good mental state and be able to make wise decisions. Your children will be comfortable, and luck will help you navigate smoothly during this week. Long trips are in the possibilities, and an increase in authority at work or increase in position is expected. Profits through the government will fall into your lap. Your strong determination will lead to high profits during the period, but at the same time, an increase in your expenses is indicated. The students will do very well on their academic front. Rash in domestic life and controversy in the workplace may stress you, so it is advised to stay away from them. You will be friends with new people, expanding your circle of friends. Any business in which you invest, would produce good returns.

During this week it is convenient that all Virgo people think before acting. The relationship with some of your co-workers is tense and things will tend to get worse. During the next few days you will learn that they have spread a rumor about you, which, besides being false, is offensive and discriminatory. However difficult it may be, you must control your impulses and not react.

Based on your effort you have built an excellent reputation among your bosses and if you lose control the only thing you will achieve will be to discredit you. Remember that in life everything returns and there will not be an opportunity in the future to be able to get even. In the sentimental field, the men and women of Virgo will live a week of much confusion. You had not had a relationship in a long time, however one day this person appeared who liked you a lot physically and who claimed to be deeply in love with you. Even though you did not feel the same, you accepted to start going out to abandon solitude for a while and to have sex with him or her.

However, things have not gone well. Although they get along very well in bed, you are increasingly convinced that you can never fall in love with that person. Things will get even more complicated because during the next few days you will witness a behavior of your partner that will produce a deep disappointment and displeasure. It is very likely that you decide to end the relationship, but try to tell your partner as gently as possible so as not to hurt their feelings.

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