Virgo Weekly Horoscope | 30 from October to 5 from November

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

30 from October to 5 from November


During this week you will have to begin to review your scale of values ​​and beliefs, since possibly many of your current vital questions, problems and various issues are not within your reach because you can not see beyond what you currently have. They have taught or instilled since childhood.

It's time to look to the opposite extreme to what you've known so far, sometimes sink into the knowledge and understanding of things that seemed contrary to us make us see that there really are many more points of view to which we must have consider. Knowing, understanding and incorporating our own way of being makes us grow as human beings and expand our point of view to possibly come up with a solution which up to that moment seemed to slip out of hand.

Keyword of the Week: Opposites

In the field of health,

It is possible that throughout the week you experience some type of stress complication, since your limit of patience is about to be exceeded. You should look to calm down and let things flow a bit with their own flow, since many of the things that affect you do not concern you or they are not in your hands to be able to solve them. Rest, relax with an infusion and seek professional help if you notice that you have any tachycardia or you are extremely tired.

Key Word in Health: Patience

In the labor and economic sphere

Probably during this week in your work environment there are gossip and bad intentions and they may be making you participants of them. You must have a thousand eyes with your colleagues at your workplace, since they may be influencing you in a negative way, in the way they make you see those who criticize. It is a moment of confusion in which you must choose sides or decide to stop influencing those things that are saying. It is not a good time for those who are unemployed to find a job, as they may be ill advised or fall into some shady job that either does not end up being what they initially promised or they should do some kind of commercial paper which was not stipulated initially.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Influenced

In the field of love,

During this week the work with your partner is totally favored, since everything you do together, whatever the activity, will really be enhanced throughout this one. Possibly you need collaboration from each other to be able to do works or renovations in the house, be painting walls, finish grooming a room, for example. It is a moment of union and fraternity with your partner in which only with a gesture will you know what you want to say. A time when singles can find some kind of romance within the workplace.

Key Word in Love: Collaboration
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