Virgo Weekly Horoscope | 4 to the September 10

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

September 4 to 10

The combination of their sexual attractiveness and intellectual ability is sure to attract admirers like Mars and Mercury to travel through their sign. Do you have something better than that, Virgo? Yes, he will do it! Venus, the planet of love, is programmed to enter its sign the 19. That is a lot of cosmic positivity at your disposal. Sharing your heart in your current relationship or knowing what you need in a partner if you are looking for love will set the stage for a super-romantic month. The full moon on Wednesday will energize your association or desire for one. You'll just have to keep your head straight when Neptuniana casts an aura of confusion during the first half of this week.

With Mars now in Virgo, you feel on top of the world and much safer than usual. Take the initiative, both at work and in your personal life. Do not sit down and wait for someone else - you have this!

There are a lot of strange things happening, and you can not be sure if you know how you should react to them, or if you should bother to deal with those situations at all. It is a strange situation that you have gotten into because as you change, the circumstances and situations that surround you change, and you end up in these realities where nothing makes more sense to you.

They cling to things like the regular work week and the new routines that you have built for you, but you can not help but see that people are treating you differently, in some cases it's minute, very small things, like big changes. You have become the princess and the pea. Everyone around you wants to try it, see if you really are the princess and the only way to know is to know if you can feel a pea hidden under a pile of twenty mattresses.

Apparently being so sensitive to insignificant things makes you a princess and you have your own scruples about the measurement system you're being subjected to, but you're trying to be a good sport about it. What you are trying to avoid is that people typify you, putting you in the same functions to which you are accustomed, with the hope that it will degenerate into the old patterns to which you are accustomed. The real challenge here is to listen to yourself and know who you are, and not allow someone else to get in your head and influence you. You can be who you want to be, not what everyone expects you to be.

The Moon begins the week in Aquarius and he is not sure how the new one will handle the situations that are presented to him. Mars moves to Virgo on Tuesday and we have a full moon moving through Aquarius to Pisces, but you need to stand your ground and be who you want to be. The Moon moves to Aries on Wednesday and it is possible to slide up and return to some old patterns. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday while Mercury moves to Virgo and you are very stubborn about the progress you need to make.

Upward: There are who you are and who you want to be
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