Horoscope of this Week Virgo | 28 from August to 3 from September

Horoscope of this Virgo Week

28 from August to 3 from September

This Virgo Week a matter related to your life at home will be in your mind during the first quarter Moon in Sagittarius. You can create a conflict with someone close to you. Eventually, it will help clarify what you need in your personal life. Mercury in Leo will illuminate any idea or belief that has to limit its self-expression. Reflecting on the chats of the past will provide ideas about your way of thinking and communication style. In general, your attention will be focused on your family and friends, so you will have to expand your activities to attract love. Romance can be especially sweet on Thursday!

This Virgo Week you are learning to be kinder to yourself and that comes with consequences and growing pains as you learn to change past thought patterns and behaviors, and learn to react in new ways. It is a slow process, which involves thinking long before speaking, thinking before acting on something, thinking before resorting to the old patterns to which you are accustomed.

You will see that, if you go to the observation mode instead of the reaction mode, change everything around you, change the perception of your environment and change your mood towards similar events because instead of this typical cause and effect you are so accustomed A, you have time to think about your answers, and time to create a new reality for yourself, one that you would not have created before because you were so busy repeating the same mistakes. It's amazing how everything can be better, improved and easier when you take that step back and observe. You are seeing that you do not need to change your personality much to recreate the reality around you, but you need to avoid falling into those pitfalls of negative patterns that leave you stressed and unable to handle simple situations. The best thing you can do is to stay in the quiet comfort of the safe area that you have made for yourself and see how people around you react.

This Week Virgo the Moon moves to Sagittarius on Monday and you are learning to think before acting. Mercury moves to Leo on Thursday when the Moon moves to Capricorn and you are seeing how wonderful life can be when you do not have too much tunnel vision. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday offering some deep conversations. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday bringing intellectualism and perspective.

You will start this week with much hope and optimism. You will be in a good mood and you will have a very good energy that will attract to you everything you were expecting. It will be a hectic week in the labor field. You did not have a good relationship with one of your bosses and one today will suddenly quit or be transferred.

This change will mean for you the possibility of working more comfortably and without much pressure. With your new boss you can establish a cordial and enjoyable relationship. You will recover the incentive and you will be eager to demonstrate everything you are capable of. During the next seven days, Virgo will have a lot of light in all the areas that involve money transactions or acquisitions. Almost accidentally, wonderful opportunities will arise where you can invest your savings In the field of love, Virgo men and women who are not in a relationship, should take this week to make statements of love or proposals for sexual encounters. You can express to the person you love or to the one for whom you feel sexually attracted, your feelings and for sure you will be reciprocated.

On the other hand, Virgo's wife will have a complicated week in her love life. Your partner has a marked tendency to waste and that hurts your budget and your plans economically. This week you will talk to the person you love and you will demand that you control the expenses, but in the near future you will realize that your warning has not taken effect.

Upward: You have a great new challenge ahead of you

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