Virgo Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Virgo Weekly

21 to August 27

The solar eclipse brings fears and anxieties to the surface - but this means that you can confront them head on, and heal. An emotional week to be sure, with difficult psychological moments, but ultimately a positive step on your path.

Put down the broom, Virgo. There will be no more things to sweep under the carpet starting on Monday 21 in August. The second of two rare Leo moons settles into its twelfth house of terminations and healing-and it's a supercharged solar eclipse, sure to bring "swept" changes in the next six months. You are entering a new phase of psychic cleansing of the house, if you wish. And you will receive cosmic support to take off your pink glasses and identify the things that it is time to get rid of once and for all. These could include self-destructive behaviors and habits, toxic people or relationships or other forms in which it is being repressed. Leaving things is not easy for you, but the moment you decide that you are ready to move on, you will be able to throw it like a torn suit. Another thing to keep in mind during this eclipse phase: You may find yourself depending less on your left analytical brain and much more on your right creative and emotional hemisphere. An additional benefit of ESO is beginning to really get that everything happens for a reason and that, no matter how sad or painful a situation, there is always a teaching or blessing in it. When the creative Venus enters that area on Saturday (until the September 19), it can attract more useful people to your world that can keep you tuned to those mystical vibrations of healing.

And so? The Virgo season is officially underway! The parties begin this Tuesday, when the luminous sun explodes through the clouds of their introspective twelfth house and illuminates its sign for the next four weeks. This auspicious cycle is like hitting the update button in your personal operating system. It is also the beginning of your cosmic New Year, a perfect time to develop or reinforce some of your highest goals and intentions for the next 12 months. But before you can begin to manifest, take a moment (or a few days, even) to reflect on your highest priorities. Are you looking for a new (or improved) relationship? Are you looking to get a new job or convert one of your passions into a second income stream (that day could become the main one)? The world is your oyster, especially for the next month, Virgo, although to realize some of your greatest ambitions, you will have to take proportionately greater risks. This time of "sowing" can also inspire a stylistic renewal. If you have been saving for a new wardrobe-or thinking about getting another tattoo, start the Pinterest tables. You do not have to leave the door and you should not do it until Mercury finishes his retrograde the September 5. However, you should play with hair extensions, temporary tattoos or hair color that is washed in three shampoos, while you wait for your ruling planet to correct the course.

In a timely synchronization, Saturn's stabilization returns to the track on Friday, after being retrograde in Sagittarius and its home zone since April's 6. If your life at home has been a bit volatile or unpredictable, you can restore the grounded foundation that is essential to your mental well-being. What kinds of changes in your life situation have you been craving while Saturn was receding? Most of them are feasible now, if you are realistic. Trying to take out too much at once just cool your circuits and possibly break the bank. Do the most important thing first - that you could only satisfy! It can also soften the friction of the family (or roommate) now. It is not necessary to call the General Assembly to order, but mention the solution you have found. If someone has exceeded their limits or has made too many demands on you, let them know you are willing to help them, but set healthy limits. It could be that they did not realize how much you have given.

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