#Virgo from 13 to 19 for February

#Virgo from 13 to 19 for February

#General: Emotions may be quite intense during Valentine's week, to the point that they could explode. If you have not told anyone how you feel and you die by doing it, try to control your cravings. The person in question may feel overwhelmed if you tell them all at once. Do you already have a commitment to someone? Your love would love a special gift that could be more than enough to show how much you care now, and always.

#Love Couples: What does your partner expect from you? How do you feel when you deviate from the routine? It's no secret that you can be a bit predictable at times, so you should not be surprised when your spontaneity at the beginning of the week catches some of them off guard. Maybe your partner lets you escape your responsibilities during the weekend, but can you sleep at night knowing that you did not make the most effort? It seems not.

#Amor Singles: Do you put high expectations in your love life? Does it exhaust you to be judged by things that are not anyone else's business? You may not have control over who says what at the beginning of the week, but you can control your response. You have a lot to do over the weekend, but you will not let your long list of tasks interfere with an appointment that interests you very much. Luckily, time is on your side.

#Profession: Be sensitive to the feelings of others. Someone you see every day could be having a problem but does not talk about it. Get dressed for success This is a powerful moment to introduce yourself to clients or superiors and get their support. Try not to take any additional work. This is the perfect time to review what you have already started. Tolerate any change of pace or the need to remake things, especially with paperwork.

#Money: Labor issues and authority figures are highlighted this week. If you want the same kind of respect, cash and enjoy the admiration of your idols, you will have to invest time and work to get their attention with your ideas. Meanwhile, take care of your way of dressing and expressing yourself in the world. While certain people perceive you in a way, you feel tempted to take a new path to keep them guessing.

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