#Virgo of the 13 to the 19 of March

#Virgo of the 13 to the 19 of March

#General: The presence of Mercury and Venus in a sensitive area of ​​your astral chart could motivate you to look more closely at your financial situation and make your money worth more. At the same time, this mixture of energies can be very good to intensify your love life. There may be a certain freshness and spontaneity in the intimate moments they spend together. If you have not spent time together, the cosmos suggests that a vacation might be just what you need.

#Love Couples: Did you get tired of being so predictable? Do something at the beginning of the week to surprise and delight your partner. Going too far from your comfort zone will raise suspicions, but sometimes the reward makes it worthwhile to take the risk. There could be concerns during the weekend if they are not active, so plan to do something together. Doing an outdoor activity is more fun than staying at home.

#Amor Singles: You like the routine, but acting spontaneously in the first part of the week brings you interesting romantic adventures. You are not happy leaving your comfort zone completely, but some steps along here and there show you that there is more to life than taking the straight and narrow path. You enjoy adventurous activities during the weekend, so find an appointment to who likes the same. Adrenaline is a great aphrodisiac.

#Profession: You may feel frustrated if you insist on sticking to family routines. The energy is strongly expansive and is compatible with travel and the investigation of educational opportunities or additional training. Be patient with the delays. You may discover that you are losing some necessary resources. Energy brings luck for any new start, including a job interview or a marketing campaign. Your management skills are strong. The extra work time will be appreciated.

#Money: This week your relationship sector indicates an incredibly social time for you. Your efforts to earn money are improved by going to social events and introducing yourself to as many people as possible. Look for clues on how to react. Your career really needs a little new energy, this is where your new friends come into play.

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