#Virgo of the 27 from February to the 5 of March

#Virgo of the 27 from February to the 5 of March

#General: Take care of your finances this week, as you may want to spend more on something that could radically change your life. However, if you spend a lot of money, you could harm your financial security, so think carefully before spending a large amount of money; Especially if you get carried away at the moment. It would be better if you wait a few weeks, until Venus becomes the April 15 direct, before spending a fortune. You have plenty of time to think if this is a good decision.

#Love Couples: You practically specialize in focusing on your partner's mistakes, but what's the point of making her feel bad about something she can not change? You give constructive criticism at the beginning of the week, but try not to complain too much. A part of your relationship comes to an end in the last days of the week, just in time to start something new. Celebrate each cycle of your love.

#Amor Singles: Think of someone you've dated in the past and what you liked about that person. It seems you've been focusing on other people's flaws. It would do you good to think about positive aspects and attributes when you are looking for someone to go out with at the beginning of the week. There's a lot to be happy about during the weekend, and participating in someone else's celebration helps you realize the possibilities out there. Soon it will be your turn.

#Profession: Dress the best you can. This is a good time for a vacation, but it is also a powerful period for conversations that improve your career prospects. Create networks as much as possible if you want to update your current position or find something better. A long period of revision and frustration will begin to ease now. This is a positive time to spend time with co-workers.

#Money: This week, the Universe not only brings a lot of communication, but also a lot of work. Do not be surprised if your week is full of forms, files and similar tasks. Since it also affects your sector of institutions, you are consolidating an old dream, although it is not easy to obtain. You will end up appreciating even what seems more boring, repetitive, tedious, or just annoying.

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