#Virgo weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#Virgo weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#General: How much should you sacrifice to accommodate the needs of others? The present mix of energies suggests that you would make a great sacrifice, especially if someone tends to make you feel guilty no matter what you do for him or her. But the astrological changes this week, along with the full moon in your sign, may push you to defend your position and be a bit firmer in this situation. And maybe it's time you were, for your own good.

#Love Couples: Your love is one of your greatest friendships, but sometimes that person really knows how to irritate you. Spending time apart at the beginning of the week could benefit both of them. Ordering the house together during the weekend is not the most romantic activity you could do, but it benefits your relationship anyway. It's hard to think about getting close when all you see is mess and disorder!

#Amor Singles: Is there someone who enjoys taking you out of your box or making fun of you at the beginning of the week? That person could be your next big love. Sometimes it does not matter what you're thinking about someone, as long as you're thinking about that person! You love the organization and the prolixity during the weekend, so it is especially important for you to have everything organized with time. Things will not always go your way, but having a plan ready helps.

#Profession: This period begins with a strong support of the results of productivity and solidity. Investing extra time at work can bring benefits later. You may be doing well by staying out of some labor dramas. Be smart and do not take sides. There is an expansive, but not necessarily realistic energy that supports creativity. It can be frustrating to feel that your contribution is not appreciated.

#Money: You have a lot of love and luck approaching your relationship sector, as well as some surprises and a bit of instability. The Universe indicates a moment of change in your home. You may decide to work on your own now if you find a way to earn the same amount your last position paid you. Can be done.

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