Virgo Week Runes | 19 to the 25 of June | Text

This Virgo Week, the rune that rules you warns you of a time of trials, calamity or suffering.

Runes Virgo Week

19 to the 25 of June

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This Virgo Week, the rune that governs you warns you of a time of trials, calamity or suffering. It is a moment of personal control since there are obstacles, some created by yourselves, that prevent you from moving forward. It's time to be constant, even if it weighs on you.

Regarding health, it is time to look inside and see if there is something of yourselves that bothers or angers you. Once identified, it is time to change it, otherwise, your health, both physical and mental, will be affected.

Regarding work, it is possible that you are now surrounded by projects that come to absorb, however, it is time for you to stop and observe what really brings you well-being. If you are facing a stressful job, it is advisable that you stop or your health may suffer. Once rested, you will see more clearly what is the right path.

In the loving field, a force will shake the foundations of what you had pre-established. Things are going to change, you are going to be the one who must analyze the new situation and decide which is the most propitious path to follow, since, despite the shaking, you will see yourself with courage to embark on your new path.

The council of the Angels is: Who is wise, never discusses. He remains silent and follows his path in silence, only attentive to learn how to follow in the footsteps of his master.

I bid you farewell to the next runic run, but not before sending you my maximum blessing, may the angels take care of you and guide you on your great path ahead of you. Always be the being of light that we really are.

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