Virgo Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Horoscope Virgo Weekly

14 to August 20

Too much flirting can lead to jealousy now. Even if you are single, you may be involuntarily causing jealousy elsewhere. It is not an ideal week to leave. Instead, snuggle up with your pets or your best friends. Romance may have to wait.

Curiosity killed the. . . So you definitely did something naughty, and you have a big smile on your face to prove it. You can deal with the lackeys at work who have no idea what they're supposed to do, your mind is a million miles away on a beach with a Martini that has an umbrella on it, because the umbrellas Small ones are great and you automatically imply that you are in one of those straw huts like in Tahiti.

For example, if someone pulls the fire alarm at work and forces everyone to evacuate during the day, you would take a trip to the beach, you would take the children, the family, you would go in that wooden panel truck (Well I realize that it is not the decade of the 90 and that they do not make them anymore, but ah, nostalgia!) And that you went to the coast or something like that for a day of fun in the sun. And when you're done, you'll roast marshmallows by the fire and talk about an incredible life. At the end of the week, even though you're heading back to work because you can not play around the problems all the time, not the way you used to in high school when you skipped the same class notoriously and still managed to solve them to get assigned tasks on time. Adult life does not work like that, they do not pay you for not being there, and charging for work is a bit important, do not you think? Do not be surprised if you end up working during the weekend, if all this brilliant plan ends with all your friends heading to the lake or going to a concert festival for the weekend and because you escaped early in the week you are the person trapped behind the paperwork, counting all things and cleaning. The Moon begins the week in Taurus and that smile of the Cheshire cat could not be more transparent. The Moon moves to Gemini on Tuesday and you do not want to work, but you do not want to play drums all day either. The Moon moves to Cancer on Thursday while Venus square Jupiter bringing insincerity and abandonment. Venus is quincunx to Saturn on Friday bringing the isolation. The Moon moves to Leo on Saturday, while Mars is sextile to Jupiter, bringing confidence.

During this week an auspicious astral cycle will begin so that the men and women of Virgo will forgive and close all the wounds of the past. The next few days will be ideal for you to contact those members of your family with whom you have a pending conversation. Take advantage of this period where everything will be easier for you and finally you will be able to free yourself from hatred and resentment. Do not do it for the people you need to forgive, do it for you, so that you can fully live the present without any ties to the past. In the economic sphere, it will not be a good week.

The next few days will not be conducive to making any acquisition, investment or delivery of money. The issues related to money will not be very favored so it is advisable that during the next few days you move with more prudence than ever in that area. In the financial and business field, you will not have a good week either. During the next few days a person will appear who will propose a partnership for a commercial venture. You are going through a serious economic crisis and that makes you very vulnerable because you will blindly believe in any commercial proposal that promises to give you an excellent income.

Do not commit imprudence because that will only make your situation worse. In the workplace, you will have to be very careful during this week because your boss will put you to the test by granting you a very difficult task. Do your best to do it because your professional future depends on the result of that task.

Ascendant Virgo: You committed the crime, now you complete the sentence.

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