The tree

It is the letter that has as an essential theme the inner and outer health, in a positive sense it is tranquility and spiritual serenity. It shows older people, the past, longevity and long-studied projects. It identifies with a mature person capable of providing protection, such as a father or a grandfather. Determine the doctors or naturalists. Bring tranquility, silence and nature to full. They are the things that last a long time. Together with positive letters determine the protection and balance of the consultant, confirming that the options will be fair and will conclude successfully. Along with negative letters shows laziness, disinterest and lack of perseverance. Individually it is a letter with an uncertain answer. The planet that governs it is Mercury and corresponds to the 7 card of Hearts.

In the concrete: It shows vitality, energy, maturation and growth. It is the past and its origins. It shows the state of a quiet life, with stability and growth.

At work: Projects slowly but surely begin to materialize satisfactorily. Everything done with solid bases will have its rewards. Time and patience will allow the realization of ambitions.

The money: Good professional management and investments will improve the financial situation. The inconveniences of money will be temporary and will not bring too many inconveniences.

In friendship: The reliability performed provides success in friendly relationships. Durable and harmonious friendships are made.

In family: It announces a quiet and relaxed family life. Each one is able to look for the distance of the conflictive situations that can appear in the daily life.

In health: Physical and spiritual well-being should be sought in forests, mountains and fields. It is necessary to enjoy the green places of the city.

In love: The lovers will find the right atmosphere to enjoy the maturity and serenity that will allow them to continue evolving. True love will develop over the years.

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards

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