Course Tarot de Marseilla

Course Tarot de Marseilla

The Tarot is revealed as a surprisingly appropriate symbolic ordering for meditation; therefore, when consulting the Tarot, it is not the cards that must be read: what must be read is life itself. The symbols are not solved in situations, but suggest the meaning of them. Therefore, they gather what is most immediate in the basic experience, which is always ourselves, our deaf passions, our unconscious desires, to distill it in understanding, that is, in consciousness. It is a valuable means of self-knowledge that guides the journey we are, often without suspecting it, starting point, course and goal.
And what about divination? If by this we understand not so much the prediction of events as the understanding of destiny, then divination consists only in the revelation of the alchemical process
And events, which are nothing but the situations through which our journey runs, only become transparent once committed as such.
Tarot images do not mean people, things or events, but they project people, things and events within the context of the inescapable psychic odyssey. Tarot characters burst into our lives (as do the characters of our dreams) to bring us messages of great importance; but modern man, embarked as he is in the culture of the word, finds it difficult to interpret the non-verbal language of these images.
The journey through the Tarot cards is basically a trip to our own depth. Anything we find on this trip is, in the end, an aspect of our deepest self. Since the origin of these letters dates from a time when the mysterious and the irrational were more real than today, they will serve as a bridge to take us in search of the ancestral wisdom that is still in our deepest self. A much needed wisdom today, both to solve our personal problems and to find creative answers to universal questions that concern us all. The most significant thing that the Tarot can do to help us, is to give us the possibility of making us understand that the vast majority of the time, we are not what we think we are. It is about overcoming ideas that do not correspond with ourselves so that, in this way, we can be freer of ties and restrictions. "The problem is not in what you do not know, but in what you think you know, but you know badly." This art is, in fact, a tool that being well used, aims to help us to conscious reflection; that to which we accede perhaps when someone pronounces the correct phrase or fills us with warmth and contention; and we can feel as happy as when an inventor discovers his most intelligent object; because the miracle has happened, we have been able to realize it, and when we do that introspection, something changes wonderfully in our interior that later leads to modify our environment positively. And everything seems to start up, just as if it were a clockwork mechanism that needed a little loop of wind to continue advancing in time.
The arcana do not sentence or judge anyone; they remind us of the inner landscape in which we have to move because that is equivalent to making us aware of our own human nature. It is only intended to emphasize that everything in life is a misfortune, a restlessness comes from the lack of clarity with oneself. Overcome the illusions that confuse us, leaving us as lost in the middle of the ocean, we access the possibility of living a concrete and real life, in which it is no longer necessary to be simulating anything to anyone. A problem is never outside of us, but inside of us. That unresolved equation that produces annoyance, melancholy, anguish, is always an inner content. We are used to calling problems to events outside of ourselves and crises when we recognize that the obstacle resides in us; but we forget that external events are always objective, even if they trigger internally the strongest insecurity. That is to say, each crisis allows us the possibility of change, because it induces us to look at ourselves and overcome obstacles with all the immense potential that we have. We know more things than we believe. Our subjectivity, well exercised, is a source of wisdom and vital energy. We are a universe still unknown. That is why reading the Tarot is very valuable, because it helps us find those meanings and meanings that have the virtue of mobilizing us, of effectively influencing us. We only see from things the light that we throw on them and the Tarot provides us in that sense, seventy-eight different lights. These lights are not small things, perhaps they are lived as fast, but never as transitory. Letters never sentence our future, they only indicate the direction our steps take; then it will be the consultant who must decide the modification or not of the direction that it takes. Put bluntly: the Tarot helps freedom through knowledge.

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My name is Morgana, I am a witch of 40 years, since I was very young I have been called the occult and mystery, although in my family there is no history of it, but in all families there is the weirdo :), in mine I am I.


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