#The horseman

#The horseman

This letter alone brings good news and positive changes. It is movement, courage, determination and action, it represents a young and active man, with sporting characteristics and great charisma, who enjoys contact with all kinds of people and adapts with great ease to all circumstances. It shows the possibility of new approaches and ideas that help overcome conflicting or blocked situations. Determine all forms of communication, since its ruler is Mercury. It corresponds to the Archangel Gabriel and the Horse of Cups in the Tarot cards. Augura visits, invitations and new encounters in all areas of life. In order to determine its positive or negative aspect it will be necessary to evaluate it with the letters that appear with it.

In the concrete: It shows the thoughts and ideas in constant movement, marking the way towards something beneficial. The news and the messages. They are the events that happen in a very short time. The charisma and ingenuity revealed to achieve what they propose.

At work: Favorable messages for all those who are engaged in an independent project, as well as those who have been waiting a long time for a promotion or a job change.

In money: The news in this area may be directed towards an increase in income that will be beneficial in daily life, but also, it will show some regulations that will demand sacrifices.

In friendship: Start of a new and beautiful friendship that tends to evolve positively and that will come to adorn the emotional life.

In family: Unexpected visits from relatives. Messages will be received from relatives who have not been contacted in a while.

In health: Caution in the locomotor system, the system of joints or ligaments can be affected with abuse in movement.

In love:
Imminent issues, brings the opportunity to meet someone very special that will cause a radical change in the way of seeing and feeling.

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