The Star

It is a positive letter, augurs success in all things, spreading important news. Determine intuition and astrology. He is able to completely change the meaning of the cards that come out around him. It shows a serene, happy and cheerful climate, thanks to the realization of the wishes. He hopes that no obstacle will stand in the way of dreams. It determines a very happy stage in life, a stage that has to last a long time, it will only be necessary the commitment to stand firm in every endeavor. It means well-being, humor, promotions, harmony, beauty and charm. It shows a sensitive person, of a good and sincere, honest, brave and charismatic character. This letter corresponds to the 6 of Hearts.

In the concrete: It is fundamental to look at the world in a different way putting a lot of effort to open the mind and accept new ideas.

At work: It announces successes and fame, projects and ideas will begin to flourish, determining great job opportunities. Renewing ideas will favor both independent work and dependency.

In money: The good star will also illuminate the financial terrain. The new work proposals will bring good economic income. Intuition will allow you to make very good investments.

In friendship: Meetings with old friends will enjoy harmony and happiness. Augura new friendships with which they will begin to share very good moments.

In family: Harmony and good humor will reign in family gatherings. The confrontations must be left behind, and a path of fraternity and love will be opened.

In health: Body and soul can find balance and just harmony if they begin to enjoy nature. Walks in the light of the stars, will provide the energy that will help not only the physical but also the spiritual part.

In love: The feeling that has been saved for some time may materialize, since someone will be waiting for the decision. Expect the meeting with a person free of material or social needs.

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards

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