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It is a positive letter, of luck. Announce an invitation, a gift, prizes, parties or a commitment of a couple. It shows harmony, serenity and peace dominating all aspects and nullifying any negative state. It is related to love and interpersonal relationships, intimacy and support. This letter shows everything beautiful, pure and pleasant. The origin of the merits or gifts will depend on the letters that accompany it. It offers stability and the freedom to carry out all kinds of projects. It determines a friendly, sociable and disinterested person, full of optimism, sympathy and sensuality. Its ruling planet is Jupiter and corresponds to the King of Spades.

In the concrete: Determine the harmonious realization of all activities. It is the balance in all areas of life. Shows virtues and purities. The fun that invites you to enjoy.

At work: It is the opportune time to take that spectacular leap towards success. Shows the support of superiors and colleagues to promote in this area. Determine the opportunity and acceptance of a new job.

In money: The good development of the businesses and the professions will determine the increase of the finances. It will be a prosperous moment in this area, which will allow you to enjoy outings, parties and fun.

In friendship: Show the best of friendship. New friends who enter into life and who will provide loyalty, disinterest and help. Happy moments shared with old friends.

In family: Shows harmonious family relationships. They enjoy meetings and family parties. He anticipates the arrival of relatives who will share moments of great happiness.

In health: It shows the possibility of finding inner balance through natural resources, herbs and healing stones. Indicates the need to protect against sexual diseases, as they will be prone to suffer them.

In love: It shows you that there must be hours of romanticism. There will be exciting meetings that will make dreams come true. Your heart will be surprised by very special surprises.

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards

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