The scythe

It is a negative letter, the threat of danger will be determined by the direction indicated by the tip of the scythe. If the cards next to you are good, the danger decreases. It is announcing that something must happen soon, it may be the end of a cycle or the rapid start of a new one. Events and situations will manifest themselves suddenly. It is interpreted as a warning letter, it is time to review the plans, reveals failures, defeats or inevitable ruptures. The powerful scythe is showing that the present situations will end to start others. It shows a perverse individual, calculating and cold, with a psychological state of anxiety and nervousness. The planet that governs this letter is Pluto and is related to Jack of Diamonds.

In the concrete: It is the end and the immediate rebirth. It is the past that returns, the aggressiveness and the danger. It is necessary to review all the plans and face the changes.

At work: It is time to take advantage of the effort that has been made for a long time. After a time of abstinence and diligences the fruits begin to be enjoyed. The destination will be guided by a stroke of luck.

In money: Determines that one must be prudent when it comes to expenses, it will be necessary to take care of oneself when making investments or making associations.

In friendship: Shows reunions with old friends. It also determines the end of certain friendships that have caused disappointments and the beginning of new, more rewarding ones.

In family: It announces a path of spirituality that can help overcome conflicts that have occurred with close relatives.

In health: The scythe announces certain surgeries that will be carried out in the short term. It will also bring abdominal pains and cuts.

In love: There will be radical changes in which it will be necessary to find oneself. Augure a new love that will help growth and personal development. The personal energies will be presented with greater intensity.

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards

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