The owls

This letter is negative, it determines nervousness, worries and bustle. It determines discomfort, worries, anxiety and stress for situations in which the client has not participated or is not guilty of what happened. Augura phone calls. It also represents gossip, accusations that can be shameful, envy and slander. It can represent two older women, also a calculating person, victorious and with an apparent kindness that can hide certain second ends. The consultant may be surrounded by hypocritical and insincere people, who will try to control all situations that are being lived. This card is associated with the 7 of Diamonds and the 4 of Bastos in the Tarot and can influence the cards that are around it.

In the concrete: It is time to increase curiosity and develop learning. Communication problems and daily discomforts that can influence in all areas.

At work: The doors open in this area. Augura the possibility of a job offer that may be related to consulting. It shows the start of a new project or a new job that can be confirmed through a phone call.

In money: the new job offers and the new entrepreneurship will bring an increase in finances. Beware of associations because they may trigger envy or misunderstandings that may cause it to break up.

In friendship: It shows the need to be attentive to certain facts that can be misinterpreted and that can bring conflicts between friends. Augura the possibility of meeting nice people with whom you can make very good friends.

In family: Difficulties in communication can lead to discussions with close relatives. He announces a phone call announcing the arrival of a loved one.

In health: The states of tension, stress and the hustle and bust can bring problems of arterial hypotension. It is necessary to submit to relaxation and enjoy moments of peace and harmony, perhaps listening to very good music

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards

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