Minor arcane meaning: Bastos

Meaning minor arcana: Bastos

King of Wands

Bold, fast and generous man. Passionate and strong. Paternalistic and proud. He may be a country gentleman, usually married. Unexpected inheritance, a good marriage.


Despotic, intolerant, prejudiced, ill-intentioned.

Queen of Wands

Woman kind, energetic, but calm. Conservative, pragmatic and

Authoritarian. Fruitful in mind and body.


Dominant, jealous, dogmatic and irrational. Quick to be offended

Prince [Knight] of Bastos

A young and energetic man, fast and daring. It can be noble and generous, but also violent and hurried.


Jealous, weak and intolerant. Fight, discord, frustration.

Princess [Sota] de Bastos

Young and bright. Enthusiastic and daring A messenger or news carrier.


Young frivolous, theatrical and hollow. Cruel, oppressive.

10 of Bastos

Oppression. Imbalance and egocentrism. Heavy load. Force detached from spiritual sources. A problem will be solved soon.


Discomfort, betrayal, separation, emigration, some losses. Sterility.

9 of Bastos

Strength, ability to endure a long struggle or effort and finally achieve victory. Recovery of health. Force in reserve. Good arrangement


Weakness, delays, suspension, adversity. Bad health.

8 of Bastos

Speed. Rushed decision. Air travel, messages, love letters. Hyperactivity Big hopes.


Opposition, jealousy. Delay in business or love affairs.

7 of Bastos

Value. Victory through courage. Effort, fight, fierce competition. Some success Negotiation, contract.


Complication, difficulty, insecurity and fear. Pregnancy. False appearance.

6 of Bastos

Victory after a conflict. Good news, progress. Helping friends


Postponement. Insolence, excessive pride. Betrayal, apprehension.

5 of Bastos

Conflict, competition, judgment, obstacles, opposition. Violence, fight.


Dangerous indecision, betrayal, complication.

4 of Bastos

Complete realization Settlement, peace, harmony. Romance, marriage, society.


Insecurity, discomfort, distrust, Contradictions. Incomplete happiness

3 of Bastos

Virtue. Established force, realization of hope, nobility.

Cooperation, association.


Inconsistency, disappointment, deception. Theft, loss.

2 of Bastos

Domain. Maturity. Audacity with self-control Influence.


Unrest. Indifference or contempt of consequences. Fear,


Ace of Bastos

Creation, birth. The power or ability to initiate or follow a plan or task with energy. Ability to undertake projects and determination. Start of a company, adventure, invention or something new.


Drop. Losing or delaying something (employment, entrepreneurship, etc.). False beginnings

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