Meaning Major Arcana

Major Arcana Meaning

[0] El Loco

Lack of common sense Potential willpower and dexterity The spirit in search of experience. Audacity, extravagance. Negligence, little reflection. Disorientation, immaturity, imbalance. Lightness. Indiscretion and superficiality.


Passions and obsessions, indecision, irrationality, apathy, complications. Wrong decisions, fall, abandonment, immobilization. Madness. Psychic and / or emotional overflow. Trip hindered.

[I] The Wizard, The Alchemist, The Prestidigitator

Originality. Initiative Action Center, spontaneous intelligence. Possession of himself, autonomy, emancipation from prejudice. Eloquence, dexterity, skill, finesse, diplomacy. Lawyer, speaker, diplomat or politician.


Cautious scruples, careerist, intriguing, deceitful, rogue, swindler, charlatan. Indecision, ineptitude, weak will, delay, insecurity. Will applied to bad ends.

[II] The Priestess

Patience, silence, discretion, reserve, meditation, modesty, resignation and piety. Decision considered.


Dissimulation, hidden intentions, resentment, laziness, intolerance, fanaticism. It becomes heavy and passive, it is like a burden. Delay, tension and clumsiness in relationships. Immediate decision.

[III] The Empress

Comprehension, intelligence, instruction. Charm, affability, elegance, distinction. Courtesy, abundance, wealth. Marriage, fertility, sweetness


Affectation, pose, frivolity, coquetry, vanity. Disdain, presumption. Unnecessary luxury Sensitive to compliments. Lack of refinement Discussions in all planes. Sterility.

[IV] The Emperor

Power, will, energy, certainty, perseverance, firmness, rigor, accuracy, equity and positivism. Realization. Powerful protector.


Stubbornness, lack of idealism. Adversary opponent. Fall, loss of goods.

[V] The High Priest, The Pope

Wisdom, perseverance, teachings, fair advice, generosity and indulgence, meekness. Help of the superiors, organization. The burden that represents the consultant (you), in the form of the inner voice. Dogma.


Chief sententious, overly critical, narrow-minded moralist, authoritarian teacher, limited theorist, counselor devoid of practicality, lack of spiritual support. Unconventional, illogical, superstitious, unable to act coherently and rationally.

[VI] The Lovers

Choice or decision. Union, marriage, love, the union of opposites, attraction, balance, openness to inspiration. Tests passed. Harmony of inner life and the outside world.


Disorder, failure, divorce, miserable love and setbacks of all kinds. Frustrated marriage, dangerous temptation. Danger of being seduced. Misconduct, debauchery and weakness. Fights, infidelity. Emotional instability.

[VII] The Chariot

Triumph, victory, overcoming obstacles, hope, conquest. Good news unexpected. Great self-control, ability to determine one's destiny. Great physical and mental strength. Speed. Travel.


Generalized disorder Disease. Dangerous uncontrol Danger of a violent accident. Bad news. Fatigue. Lack of tact. Bad behavior. Activity feverish and without rest.

[VIII] Justice

Justice, harmony, fairness, integrity, rule of conduct, firm purpose, action to judge, moderation in all things. Independence of spirit. To maintain the balance certain things must be sacrificed. It may be related to legal matters, trials, marriages, divorces, etc.


Fanaticism, injustice, severity in the trial, abuse, false accusations. Insecurity. Legal threads Insecurity. Lack of an appropriate balance.

[IX] The Hermit, The Pilgrim

Prudence, wisdom, patience, silence, spiritual advancement, divine inspiration, circumspection. Withdrawal from the world, loneliness. Pilgrimage. It can be a teacher. The realization of a balance and progress.


Immaturity, vices, darkness, stubbornness, betrayal, deceit. Misanthropy, misogyny, celibacy. Excessively shy and unsociable person. Hidden enemies. Prudence that is left or missing.

[X] The Wheel of Fortune

Change, evolution, success, good fortune, destiny. Happiness, abundance. New conditions Abundance, growth.


The transformation will be made difficult but it will be done anyway. Progress delayed, Backspace.

[XI] The Force

Sublimation or regulation of passions and low instincts. Power, energy, great love. The spirit that dominates matter. Action, courage, success. Strong will and great physical strength. The inner strength that tames the beast. Power over animals.


Discord, ruin. Weakness, stubbornness, abuse of power. Impatience, recklessness, rudeness, insensitivity. Hardness, cruelty, fury.

[XII] The Hung

Strength, wisdom. Self imposed limitations. Initiation, test. Redemption through sacrifice, loss. Prophetic power. Decisions suspended. Choice that requires contemplation.


Arrogance, egotism, resistance to spiritual influences. Materialism. Wasted effort. False prophecy Failure. Lack of limits, lack of openness, lack of sacrifice.

[XIII] Death

Complete transformation Dead and rebirth. The end of something. Evolution from one state to another superior. Profitable change


Stagnation, death, petrifaction. Incurable illness. Broken marriage. Lack of opportunities, hope undone.

[XIV] Temperance

Careful consideration, patience, moderation, adaptation, composure, reflection. Patience uniting two opposites, mixing them carefully. Good marriage Working in harmony with others, managerial ability. Something is being prepared. Great talent and creativity Fighting for transcendence through work. Alchemy. The union of opposites refined by the fire of the will.


Disorder, conflict, bad combination, fights. Possibility of shipwreck. Disagreements

[XV] The Devil

Destination (good or bad). Power of seduction, blind impulse, temptation, obsession. Sexual deviation A confused mental state. The uncontrolled carnal passions.


Harmful letter, fatality, misuse of force. Weakness, blindness, disorder. Malefic effects The pathetic human condition that prefers the illusion to the truth.

[XVI] The Tower

Sudden changes without another alternative. Collapse, escape from prison or release of ties, accident. Plans will fail, intentions will not be realized. The "finger of God." Bankruptcy. Sudden death.


Complete confusion Win freedom at a great cost. False accusations, oppression. Punishment resulting from the excesses committed, illness. Presumptuous error that does not know how to rectify itself in time.

[XVII] The Star

Hope, unexpected help, insight and clarity of vision, inspiration, flexibility. A great love will be given and received. Good health. Totally spiritual letter.


Arrogance, pessimism, stubbornness. Illness, error of judgment. Psychic impotence, restructuring, deprivation and abandonment.

[XVIII] The Moon

Intuition, threshold of an important change, difficult and dark way, development of psychic powers. Navigation, experimentation, hard work.


Unseen dangers, hidden enemies, hallucination, self-deception, hysteria, disorientation. Instability, lies, traps, false knowledge, neurotic character. Scandal, secret that becomes public, blackmailer.

[XIX] The Sun

Glory. Material happiness Marriage or happy relationship, collaboration. Success. Pleasure, energy, motivation, inspiration.


Annoyances, dissimulation, arrogance, vanity. Commitment or lost work. I grope in the dark, disorientation. Desire to appear.

[XX] The Judgment

Radical change, resurrection to a new life. Work (or life) well done. Will to start something new. Good judgment and discernment. Creative power and influence on family and career. Ability to forgive Wake. Favorable legal opinions.


Spiritual hesitation, weakness, judgment or wrong decision. Illness, separation. Adverse judicial opinion. Error about yourself and the others. Deferred decision.

[XXI] The World

Guaranteed event. Rewards received. Travel, emigration (within the same continent), change of place of residence. Buying and selling of lands.


Obstacles, stagnation, hindrances. Need to work very hard to achieve success

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