This letter is negative, it shows unclear and impenetrable situations. It warns the emergence of problems, diseases, threats and dangers. The appearance of certain unforeseen circumstances will be those that cause more inconvenience. It is essential to analyze them with the letters that appear around them, since the results will depend on them. The influence of this letter lasts a few days, but it brings with it delays, setbacks that lead to tension, sorrows and sorrows. It shows that the querent's way is accumulating from certain obstacles that will somehow delay the march. There may be concerns daily. It determines a restless person, full of insecurity, nervous, and very unreliable. It is ruled by the planet Saturn and corresponds to the King of Spades.

In the concrete: It brings worries and obstacles. It shows that it is not the time to make decisions or make changes, you must wait quietly for things to come.

At work: The activities and negotiations may be momentarily blocked. Occupational instability, there is the risk of losing work. Conflicts may arise with the task mates.

In money: They will be times of difficulties and financial restrictions. It is necessary to face bad management or external actions until the storm passes.

In friendship: The relationships in this area will not be very easy, they are not good times neither to resume friendships nor to make new friends.

In family: Family relationships can be very conflicting at times. They can be perceived from waves of anger to states of nostalgia in front of family members.

In health: Announces weakness and certain diseases resulting from the concerns that must appear. They can suffer from colds, flu, respiratory infections to prolonged illnesses.

In love: There may be misconceptions about the love you feel. These are not good times for the beginning of new love relationships. The problems with the couple will be temporary, and will be solved in the short term.

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards

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