The snake

It is a negative letter that indicates betrayal, falsehood, lies and detours. It shows shady businesses. Indicates a threat that is hidden, that moves slowly and silently. He notices the presence of someone who may be a friend, a colleague or a family member who is posing a great threat. The results depend on the letters that accompany it. It also indicates the presence of slander, jealousy, revenge and resentment, as well as some acts of magic or witchcraft. It refers to a hostile, rebellious and false individual with a very large magnetism. The presence of a rival that can be very negative, acting behind the consultant's back. This letter is ruled by the planet Pluto and corresponds to the Queen of Clover.

In the concrete: Talk about betrayals, lies and hidden forces. Intriguing situations, deception and present enemies. It presages jealousy and numerous threats.

At work: Skill and cunning will allow the completion of pending projects. The great magnetism will be what allows to convince employees, supervisors and colleagues of the new ideas that will be the basis of progress in this area.

In money: There will be losses of money resulting from investments in shady businesses. These are not the times to manage money and even less to lend or make societies, since betrayals will occur constantly.

In friendship: Conflicts in this area, disappointments for the betrayal of old friends. Caution when making new friendships, as there will be situations in which there will be no shortage of betrayals.

In family: Some conflicts with the family product of the intrusion of third parties that bring intrigue and discomfort. It is necessary to be attentive to each of the situations.

In health: It is necessary to begin to purify yourself to get rid of all the negative influences that this letter brings. Fasting and purification are fundamental.

In love: Jealousy and intrigue will have a negative influence on couples. The presence of lovers or enemies will bring inconveniences in the coexistence or in the couple relationship.

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards

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