Meaning minor arcana: Oros

Meaning minor arcana: Oros

King of Oros

A married man, adinero and understood in monetary matters. Patient and worker He is an experienced boss and a trusted ally.


Vicious and greedy man. Beware of players or speculators. Easy to bribe. He can be a dangerous man.

Queen of Gold

Lovely and generous woman. Pragmatic and calm, but ambitious. Opulence, security.


Given nonsense and temperamental. Quick to distrust and overly fearful of failure. Negligent,

Prince [Knight] of Oros

Mature man, trustworthy, hardworking and responsible. A

Trained administrator Important issues related to money.


Silly man, lazy, careless or clumsy. Stagnation.

Princess [Sota] of Oros

An educated, careful and thoughtful young person. Good administrative capacity, kindness and benevolence. Carrier of good news or messages.


Wasteful, illogical. Rebellious young Bad news. Loss of money

10 from Oros

Wealth. Fortuna material complete. Family affairs, inheritance, family home.


Misfortune in the family. Loss of an inheritance Be careful with risky projects.

9 from Oros

Gain. Practical wisdom limited to home and everyday affairs. Stability, loneliness, inheritance.


Material or friendship losses. Project canceled. Be careful with the rascals.

8 from Oros

Prudence. The first step in a profitable profession. Learning a business or profession. Skill in material matters. A brunette.


Avarice. Childish egocentrism. Vanity.

7 from Oros

Failure, defeat, loss of money. I work hard but with little profit. Avarice.


Delayed success after hard work. Work done for love of work, but without expecting material rewards.

6 from Oros

Success. Material gain and power. Ability to share wealth with others.


Temporary gain Prodigality, ostentation of wealth, bribery.

5 from Oros

Concerns Loss of money or employment. Poverty, defeat. Good luck in love, lovers, love or friendship that is in the middle of the problems.


New job or opportunity Productive work Bad luck in love.

4 from Oros

Power. Material gain and security. A gift or an inheritance A girl. Avarice.


Prejudice, limitation. Stagnation or material loss. Excessive expenditure of money.

3 from Oros

Jobs. Task well done. Commercial transactions. Progress and growth in the chosen profession. Dignity. Child.


Skill or insufficient knowledge to achieve what is intended. Useless work. Lack of seriousness

2 from Oros

Change. Alternation of gain and loss. Balance in the middle of the change. Ability to adapt to new circumstances. Some complications Unstable temperament.


Insecurity. Difficulty adapting to new circumstances.

Ace of Oros

The beginning of prosperity and wealth. Pleasure and beauty.


Success is delayed or does not bring the expected happiness. Avarice.

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