Meaning of the minor arcana: Cups

Meaning of the minor arcana: Cups

King of Cups

A man who knows laws or commerce, but also interested in science, art, religion or philosophy. A good friend, liberal, idealistic and creative. Friendly and willing to take some responsibility or provide help.


A superficial man, who gets excited easily but without depth or firmness of character. Untrustworthy, liar, ruthless and vicious.

Queen of Cups

Dreamy, quiet, poetic, imaginative, kind, but not willing to take much trouble to help another.


Dishonest and vicious woman. Unworthy of trust.

Prince [Knight] of Cups

A young man, perhaps an artist, funny and poetic. He is an indolent dreamer of sensual pleasures. It can mean a messenger, a proposal or an invitation.


Lazy and deceptive. Dissolute and ruthless.

Princess [Sota] of Cups

Young calm and studious, but also sweet and dreamer. News or proposal.


A sensual libertine that is not harmful but does not help either. Unpleasant notices. Adulatory, egocentric.

10 of Cups

Satiety. Perfect love and contentment. Peace, friendship.


Dissipation, loss of friendship, betrayal. Wasted things.

9 of Cups

Happiness. Success and complete material well-being. You will get what you crave.


Imperfection, deception, intemperance. You will get what you do not want.

8 of Cups

Indolence, instability. Material event abandoned, perhaps in pursuit of something higher. Interest that vanishes. Wandering.


Joy, happiness A new love or a new interest in material things.

7 of Cups

Corruption. Foolish expectations Illusory dreams, disappointment, intoxication, addition to drugs.


New will Smart decision Short trips

6 of Cups

Pleasure. Happiness that comes from the past. Nostalgia. Success.


Insecurity. Live too much in the past. Associates or friends who are worthless. Heritage.

5 of Cups

Disillusion. Unexpected misfortune. Partial loss Friendship or love

Lost. Heritage.


New happiness Return of an old love or a friend. Alliance.

4 of Cups

Luxuries I abandon desire. New ambition


Luxuries that do not bring happiness. Discontent with material success. Moment to make a decisive change in life.

3 of Cups

Abundance. Pleasure, hospitality, success. The good things in life.


Excesses in eating, drinking or sensuality. Unbridled passion Sex without love

2 of Cups

Love, harmony, warm friendship. Close relationship with a soul mate. Good letter for business and love.


Opposition, false love, nonsense, misunderstandings.

Ace of Cups

Harmony, fertility, happiness. Start of a great love.


Discord, false love, instability.

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