The Clover

This is the letter that brings happiness, hope and unexpected joy. It shows the imminent transformation in the current condition of life. He anticipates new and happy events, which must be taken advantage of in full, as they may be passengers. It is representing everything that is immediate and the speed at which changes usually occur. It represents those people who are capable of taking risks in life, could relate to players or those who work in these media. He is a pleasant and smiling person who enjoys the pleasures of life and manages to like and be appreciated by the environment, as it plays a certain charm around him. Its ruler is Neptune and is associated with the Ace of Bastos in the Tarot cards.

In the concrete: It's the luck, the new hopes, the realization and the small profits that can be given in the games of chance and immediately.

At work: It determines the luck in all the new companies, it is the concretion of the proposed objectives. Stabilization of individual projects. Determines successes and achievements in this field.

In money: Good luck and prosperity encompass the financial field. Some gains can come from gambling. The budget increase will bring tranquility.

In friendship: There will be numerous opportunities to materialize the wishes of friendship. Joy and happiness must come to illuminate all hearts.

In family: Serenity and peace begin to take over the family environment. It presents the opportunity to enjoy with the family moments that will be unforgettable.

In health: It shows relief in all kinds of discomfort, it is the end of diseases. It is important to take advantage of this new opportunity to take the necessary precautions.

In love: The approach will be given to someone who will bring much happiness in this area. After a long period of solitude a second spring will be experienced in the love that will change the life.

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Meaning of Lenormand's tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards


Meaning of the Lenormand Tarot cards

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