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    How is each sign in love?

    Each sign has its peculiar and unique way of living and facing love: some go in search of it, while others flee, while another group decides to sit and wait. Therefore, it is important to know how it is that the person you love or, failing that, the one you love so much, is driven by love, since if you ignore it, you run the risk of rushing, or of delaying, decisions that They can result in the total loss of the possibilities you had with that person. So pay close attention, because we tell you all the details of how he lives and approaches love, your loved one.

    How love lives every sign

    Aries: neither slow nor lazy, it will be noticed right away and it will take you, whether you are available or not. He is very passionate and needs you to deliver without reservations. A great advantage is that they are intuitive, so they will know when you need it to be there.

    Taurus: sensuality is your motto, which can be surprising when you are in the phase of knowing it, since it is so right that you can get confused with a cold person in sex. Wait until you enter confidence and you will see the animal that carries itself.

    Gemini: They use the word to seduce, but they do not achieve emotional delivery very easily. Its strong point is the physical aspect. Be careful when your twins start to pull each other to their side.

    Cancer: his insecurity leads him to look for people with a strong character and a well-defined personality. They need their partner to be conservative, since it is the only way to form a family that they conceive.

    Leo: in their eagerness to please and impress, they end up giving more than they receive and their heart ends up broken most of the time. Take good care of your lion, there is no other like him.

    Virgo: It's hard for him to start a relationship. An advice? If you present yourself before him as a mystery to solve or a challenge to conquer, he will simply turn around and leave with someone simpler and simpler.

    Libra: They choose you but you must move forward. Forget about insisting if you are not the chosen person, since you will not achieve a "yes" or a thousand years from now. They love gifts and harmonious relationships.

    Scorpio: your jealousy will suffocate you, but it will reward you very well when it comes to making love. Fiery like none, is a wealth of eroticism and passion. They are spiritual too, so you can approach it through a topic that interests both of you.

    Sagittarius: they live love more as an adventure than as a project of life. They are very tender, but mainly passionate. Be careful, they are not very close to commitment; we will have to convince them.

    Capricorn: they approach cautiously, but at a firm pace. They look for the economic benefit or, failing that, do not lose out in this aspect. Once entrenched in a relationship, they are faithful like no one else.

    Aquarius: You can conquer them through a surprise that you give them. Avoid being repetitive and routine, since you will only move them away. If you feel that you evade sex, do not worry, it is part of your seduction game.

    Pisces: It is the most sensitive of all signs. The conquests through the word ... and of gifts too. They love the mysteries, but beware, they are very in love, so they do not hesitate to leave broken hearts to be conquered by a new love.

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