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    Characteristics of the zodiac sign Aquarius


    Characteristics of the zodiac sign Aquarius

    Traits that characterize Aquarius

    Characteristics of the aquarius zodiac sign
    • Symbol: The Water Bearer
    • Element: Air
    • Group: Theoretical
    • Polarity: Positive
    • Favorable Colors: Turquoise
    • Chinese counterpart: Tigre
    • Ruling Planet: Saturn, Uranus
    • Cross / Quality: fixed
    • Regidor House: Eleventh
    • Opposite sign: Leo
    • Jewel of Luck: Turquoise
    • Period: 20 January - 18 Feb.

    Characteristics of Aquarius personality in the day to day

    Characteristics of Aquarius in Personality:

    Aquarius are presented in two different ways. On the one hand, this sign will be shy and calm. On the other hand, it can be boisterous, eccentric and energetic. They are both deep thinkers, with a love for helping others. Highly intellectual, it is also one of fierce independence that rewards the intuition affected by logic. Both personality types have an uncanny ability to see both sides of an argument without prejudice, which makes them excellent for solving problems. Although he is very much in tune with the energies around him, Aquarius has a deep need to spend time alone to rejuvenate. The key word for this sign is the "imagination". The Aquarius can see a world of possibilities even when there does not seem to be any.

    Characteristics of Aquarius in Love:

    Intellectual stimulation is by far the best aphrodisiac for the Aquarius. There is nothing like a conversation rich in culture and future possibilities to unleash the Aquarium. When it comes to love, the right couples are those who are not frightened by their frankness. Open, communicative, imaginative and willing to risk, are the qualities that combine well with the perspective of this sign in life. Honesty and sincerity are essential for anyone looking for a long-term connection with this dynamic personality.

    Characteristics of Aquarius in the Family and Friends:

    Although Aquarians do very well with groups of people, it takes a little longer when it comes to making friends. Due to its deep sensitivity and prudence, closeness means vulnerability to the Aquarius, and this is not something to be taken lightly. Your personality combined with your strong values ​​can make it difficult to get to know the inner person. However, those who are able to do so discover a friendship that lasts through the years. Aquarius will commit for their loved ones to the point of self-sacrifice if necessary. They look for creativity, intellect and honesty in their friends. When it comes to the family, the expectations are not minor. Although dedicated to family duties, the Aquarius does not develop close ties unless you find the same qualities in your friendships.

    Characteristics of Aquarius in the Profession and Money:

    Aquarians bring their enthusiasm to the work they do, especially when it comes to expression. They have an exceptional ability to put their imaginative qualities into everything they do. Professions that allow the development of concepts or demonstrations can be adapted to this sign as well. "I know" is the key phrase for the Aquarius. Great intelligence combined with the willingness of an Aquarium to share its talent, inspires many who work in its same environment. Being of the visionary type, this sign loves to participate in programs that aim at the long-term benefit of humanity.

    When it comes to money, this sign really has a knack for maintaining a healthy balance between having only the things you need and saving money. When they go shopping, the bright and extravagant will capture your attention even though their houses are generally tastefully decorated. It is not unusual to find the Aquarium with bold costumes and bright colors. Most are well adapted to their particular style and are not afraid to prove it.

    The professions recommended for Aquarius are acting, writing, teaching, photography, or being a pilot. The best environment is the one that gives you the freedom to address your responsibilities without a lot of strict guidelines. The Aquarius is unconventional, and given the opportunity to show his true talents, he will perform incredible feats.

    Keywords to define Aquarius


    Progressive, original, humanitarian, independent.


    Part of the emotional expression, does not compromise, temperamental, distant.

    Charismatic qualities:

    Good looking, beautiful eyes, angular face, thin build.


    Have fun with your friends, fight for some cause, help others, intellectual conversations, a good listener.


    Limitations, loneliness, broken promises, boring situations, people who disagree with them.

    Ideal environment:

    Any meeting of people to exchange ideas.

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