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    Characteristics of the zodiac sign Capricorn


    Characteristics of the zodiac sign Capricorn

    Traits that characterize Capricorn

    - 10 Characteristics Capricorn 113x150 - Characteristics of the zodiac sign Capricorn
    • Symbol: La Cabra
    • Element: Tierra
    • Group: Theoretical
    • Polarity: Negative
    • Favorable Colors: Brown
    • Chinese counterpart: Ox
    • Ruling Planet: Saturn
    • Cross / Quality: Cardinal
    • Regidor House: Tenth
    • Opposite sign: Cancer
    • Jewel of Luck: Onyx
    • Period: 22 Dec. - 19 January

    Personality characteristics of Sagittarius in the Day to day

    Characteristics of Capricorn in Personality:

    When it comes to professionalism and traditional values, the Capricorn wins without even trying. This practical sign loves to face life in more conventional ways and without leaving a trace. Considered the most serious of the signs, Capricorn has an independence that allows considerable progress both personally and at work.

    Characteristics of Capricorn in Love:

    The Capricorn is often a serious lover and prefers to take things with stability and calmness. It is not common to see this sign take many risks. Taking relationships step by step is the ideal path for him or her. They are people of few words and a lot of action. Capricorn values ​​are important and they do everything possible to express their affection through them. They make good gifts and do not flinch at the cost of something if they have fun doing it. Authentic and sincere, one can trust the words that this sign has to say.

    Characteristics of Capricorn in the Family and Friends:

    The combination of a strong wit and love of humor, makes Capricorn an excellent company for those who choose as friends. They surround themselves with honest, loyal and like-minded people regarding the values ​​of work. They treasure their loved ones and do what they can to help a friend or family member. Traditional by nature, Capricorn loves celebrations that bring the family together with a variety of activities such as Christmas. Although he is not apt to have a broad social circle, those included in his circle will be firm and true. Emotional manifestations are not common for a Capricorn, prefer to show their feelings through writing instead of words.

    Characteristics of Capricorn in the Profession and Money:

    "Ambition" is the key word of this sign and its key phrase is "I use". The Capricorn has a real gift to find the right tool to achieve a certain task. The beginning of a difficult and long-term task does not scare him off in order to reach the established goal.

    In addition to setting high standards for himself, honesty, perseverance and dedication make Capricorn an excellent manager or director. Loyalty and willingness to work as hard as necessary are the qualities that this sign greatly appreciates as a value in itself and in those around it. Professions such as administration, finance, teaching and real estate are excellent options.

    The Capricorn are ingenious and manage their time and money well. From time to time, the temptation to spend some hard earned money can lead you to buy large amounts of frivolous and funny items. But as a rule, caution goes hand in hand with Capricorn so making practical purchases is more likely than anything else. Multifunctional products are undoubtedly favorites.

    Keywords to define Capricorn


    Responsible, disciplined, self-control, dark sense of humor.


    Know-it-all, implacable, condescending, pessimistic.

    Charismatic qualities:

    Of medium build, you can get in shape if you try hard, but generally tend to be soft skin.


    Related to family, tradition, quality objects, music.


    Up to a point, almost everything.

    Ideal environment:

    A positive work situation, urban environments with culture and style, being in charge.

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