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    Characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra


    Characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra

    Features that characterize Libra

    - 07 Characteristics Libra 225x300 - Characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra
    • Symbol: The balance
    • Element: Air
    • Group: Intellectual
    • Polarity: Positive
    • Favorable Colors: blue
    • Chinese counterpart: Perro
    • Ruling Planet: Venus
    • Cross / Quality: Cardinal
    • Regidor House: Seventh
    • Opposite sign: Aries
    • Jewel of Luck: Sapphire
    • Period: 23 Sept. - 22 Oct.

    Characteristics of Libra's personality in the day to day

    Characteristics of Libra in Personality:

    "I swing" is the key phrase for this sign and when it comes to keeping everything in balance, a Libra goes to the head. Lover of peace and justice, he hates being alone. Due to his ambitious personality and cooperative style, he is not apt to be alone for long. Associations are very important for the Libra, especially those on a personal level.

    Characteristics of Libra in Love:

    Finding the right partner will be a priority in Libra's life. For those who are already in a relationship, the maintenance of peace and harmony is the center of their lives. A Libra alone is a truly sad thing, not to mention unnatural. They need to connect with others. As lovers they are expressive, creative and balanced. They love that their classmates feel totally and completely satisfied when it comes to talking and making love. The charm and dedication of the Pounds to achieve the perfect balance with others, makes wonderful couples.

    Characteristics of Libra in the Family and Friends:

    Lover of fun and willing to help, the Libra is an excellent friend. Although he may be slow and hesitant, once he is determined, he is ready to go with everything. This flexible sign loves spending time with friends and family, and does not hesitate to organize meetings to do so. It naturally attracts people for being sociable and affable. Librans have a way of creating an aura of harmony in their environment that is a real attraction. When it comes to challenges, this sign of balance can see both perspectives from both sides, which makes it an excellent problem solver.

    Characteristics of Libra in the Profession and Money:

    "Harmony" is the key word of this sign. For Libra, the maintenance of this is of the utmost importance. They can be excellent leaders, and will work hard to earn and deserve privileges. Truth and justice will always prevail in the life of the Libra, as their days advance. Working with other people or in an association is ideal for this social sign. Artistic and persuasive, these people are transmitters of talent, which will make them succeed in any platform that gives them the opportunity to transmit it.

    Careers that involve justice as a police officer, lawyer or judge are excellent options for the Libra. You will also succeed in professions such as diplomat, civil servant, interior decorator, composer and fashion designer. The configuration of the profession does not represent any challenge for the Libra, in fact the more challenges, the better. Their strong sense of diplomacy serves them positively in almost everything they do.

    If you go shopping with a Libra, the best plan is to go with a lot of time! This sign can be terribly undecided when it comes to buying. Balancing your money, however, is very easy for such. Maintaining a good balance between saving and spending money is a real talent for these people. You can find them in stores specializing in fashion and household items. One of the favorite pastimes of the Libra is to find the perfect gift for someone special.

    Keywords to define Libra


    Social, impartial, cooperative, diplomatic, full of grace.


    Undecided, will maintain grudges, avoid confrontations, self-pity.

    Charismatic qualities:

    Attractive, features and elegant, funny constitution.


    Harmony, sharing with others, humility, spending time outdoors.


    Injustice, violence, conformity and bocones.

    Ideal environment:

    Any place is beautiful for a Libra as long as its environment is full of harmony. He is very sociable and is always happy doing things in the company of another.

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