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    Characteristics of Sagittarius

    Symbol: The Archer
    Element: Fuego
    Group: Theoretical
    Polarity: Positive
    Favorable Colors: Purple
    Chinese counterpart: Flat
    Ruling Planet: Jupiter
    Cross / Quality: Mutable
    Regidor House: Novena
    Opposite sign: Gemini
    Jewel of Luck: Topaz
    Period: 22 Nov. - 21 Dec.

    Characteristics of Sagittarius in Personality:
    Curious and energetic, Sagittarius is the zodiac traveler sign. His philosophy, open mind and way of seeing life motivates him to wander in search of the meaning of life. Because he is so extroverted, optimistic and enthusiastic; It could be almost impossible to hurt this powerful sign. He loves change, in fact, the essential change for Sagittarius to feel better.

    Characteristics of Sagittarius in Love:
    Sagittarians are playful and love to have fun with their lovers. They are passionate, expressive and willing to try almost anything. The couples that best adapt to this sign would have such characteristics as well. There is a very fine line between sex and love for Sagittarius. Your love for change and variety can bring a lot of different faces to your room. But when it comes to love, that's a totally different thing. Once established in a relationship, the Sagittarius is loyal, faithful and dedicated. Couples of this sign must be intellectual, sensitive and expressive to be able to last. His key phrase is "I understand", so having a clear idea of ​​what your partner thinks is very important to them.

    Characteristics of Sagittarius in the Family and Friends:
    Whether it's a stimulating conversation or a hike in the mountains, you can count on this sign to be surrounded by friends. The personality of Sagittarius is very funny until you reach the point of madness at times. They love to laugh and make everyone around them laugh too. Sagittarius makes friends all over the world, enjoying the diverse cultures of life around him. They are generous and do not hold grudges. Anyone who can sit for a while and talk about the deepest things in life would adapt to a Sagittarius. Makes friends with ease that will last for years. When it comes to the family, the Sagittarius is dedicated and willing to do almost anything. Freedom and independence are very important for this so social sign.

    Characteristics of Sagittarius in the Profession and Money:
    "Visualization" is the key word for Sagittarius. When this sign sees something in its mind that it could formulate and make possible, it goes out and unites enough people to make it happen. Direct, usually do not beat around the bush about what they want; and it seems that they know exactly what to say in each given situation. They are excellent sellers even when this involves traveling. When the Sagittarius can get an idea of ​​what he really wants, he will work day and night to reach his goal.

    Sagittarians are favored by a variety of tasks and dynamic environments. Professions such as travel agent, photographer, explorer, artist, real estate brokers, ambassador and import / export adapt to this free-spirited character.

    The funny Sagittarius loves to win and spend money. Considered the luckiest Zodiac sign, he does not worry about where his next check will come from. It is risky and very optimistic, trusting that the universe will provide what you need. The tasks of managing money bore Sagittarius to tears, so getting an accountant is the best plan for him or her.

    Sagittarius Keywords:

    Great sense of humor, idealistic, generous.
    He keeps things and will not say anything, no matter how diplomatic the adversary. He promises more than he can offer, he can be impatient to the point of rudeness.
    Charismatic qualities:
    Open and interested. Generally tall of strong legs. They dress for comfort and not for style. Women could have marimacha characteristics.
    Traveling, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy.
    The details, the limited being, weird theories, the honeyed people.
    Ideal environment:
    In constant action or movement.

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