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Leo Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Leo Monthly Horoscope October 2017 Those born between the 23 of July and the 22 of August will live positive moments, although they will still not feel totally full. The apogee of the and the Leo has already passed. After the summer of the 2017 year in the Northern Hemisphere, those born between the 23 in July and the 22 in August have ...

Monthly Leo

#Leo Mayo 2017

#General: The retrograde cycle of Mercury ends the 3 of May in Aries. If you have felt like doing something new, this is the moment. Family matters touch you more deeply than ever with the Full Moon of 10 in May. You may have a last minute request related to work, and social commitments could interfere, ...

Monthly Leo

#Leo Abril 2017

#General: Avoid an argument when the Moon in Leo matches Mars and trines with Saturn the 6 in April. Yes, you will require self-control. The Full Moon of the April 10 could remind you how many people like you.

Monthly Leo

#Leo March 2017

#Leo March 2017 #General: Money issues may become prominent near the Full Moon of March's 12. You have a lot of influence and resources at your disposal. You may solve a potential problem by just evaluating the details more closely. There you could realize that it was not a problem at all. Spring fever ...