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Leo Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Leo 21 Weekly Horoscope to 27 in August The solar Eclipse in Leo has a dramatic effect on your levels of self-confidence and you may even feel that your own identity is under threat. Wait. Affirm and stand firm. The earth may be changing, but you can stay stable. Ready to roar and fly, Leo? Monday 21 of ...

Leo Weekly

Leo Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Leo 14 Weekly Horoscope to August 20 Someone can betray your confidence this week, which is obviously hurtful. Try not to take it too personally, anyway. You do not know the full circumstances behind this event. A kind and tolerant reaction is much more appropriate than a furious reaction. You have your backpack again, your sweatshirt ...

Leo Weekly

Leo Weekly Horoscope | 7 at 13 in August

The transit of the moon by the fire element will make all those born under the sign of Leo feel nostalgia for a person who has been very important in their lives but who currently, for different reasons, is not present. It can be an ex-partner or a family member who has died.