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Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

Monthly Pisces

#Piscis Mayo 2017

#General: Mercury becomes the 3 of May. People may appear out of nowhere and want to socialize. But you can stay in position. The full moon of the May 10 illuminates your world just when you thought it could not be bigger or brighter. You could attract some exotic people you almost do not know, who will be attracted ...

Monthly Pisces

#Piscis March 2017

#Piscis March 2017 #General: Let yourself be carried away by your dreams when the Sun conjuncts with Neptune the March 1. It will not hurt you to remember your most intense desires. The Full Moon of the March 12 focuses attention on your love life. You look phenomenal and irresistible at this time, no matter how you feel inside. Smile and leave ...