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    How to conquer Capricorn?

    The Capricorn are people who like to surprise and this makes them happy, so we must not end any of the little surprises that have prepared for us or for friends. It does not require much, but we are going to have to be by your side and support you in your decisions, because this is very important for them. If a Capricorn does not feel supported by his partner or by his best friend, this relationship will end sooner rather than later. Another aspect that should be taken into account in a Capricorn is the desire to leave and activated it has. If we want to be at home calm, this will not be the best plan to get it. In addition, the Capricorn are people who like to be with friends, so it will be interesting that we do not deprive him of this freedom or even that we go out with his group of friends.

    The Capricorn care a lot of their image and this is something they also require in their partner. If necessary, they will make every effort to ensure that their partner has the resources to take care of themselves, but it must be taken care of at all times. Going to the gym, getting beauty treatments is something that they love and, if your partner wants, they will be willing to give you everything you need so that this feels different, unique and is that the Capricorn, really love.

    Apart from everything, the Capricorn are simple people to conquer, since we should only be by their side when they need us, respect their space and do activities or sports with them. Showing a Capricorn that we are loyal and that can give us confidence, as well as that we will always be by his side is the only thing that these need to become his partner for life. Of course, the Capricorn can be the most variable emotional level, so they need their space and a person by their side that understands them instead of pressing them.

    The key to conquering this sign and having it always close is romanticism and details. If we know how to surprise them from time to time with some flowers or chocolates or even take a trip of a couple of days to be more united, it is the safest thing that a Capricorn is not going to resist our charms.

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