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    How to conquer Scorpio?


    How to conquer Scorpio?

    Taking into account the most important features of a Scorpio, we must be clear that you will not be attracted to a person who shows a lot of security, as it is a threat to their integrity. Scorpios like people who are insecure and always have them by their side, because part of their ego feels compensated when it helps people to stabilize. Scorpios are perfect signs for all signs that lack security and stability. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that Scorpio are some of the most proud people we can find, which we must take into account when being with friends or with family. We should never contradict them in front of them, because this would create a gap that would never close.

    Trust is one of the aspects we must work on if we want to get a Scorpio. The Scorpios will give everything they are and what they have to the person they join, but for that they must be sure that it will never betray them. Therefore, we must work on this aspect and make our Scorpio trust us. The jealousy on the part of the Scorpio are also exaggerated, so we must take them into account in two aspects: the first, is that we must understand them and be patient with them and, the second, we can understand them as they really want us and understand them as security in our relationship. A Scorpio never gets jealous if he does not really want to.

    Finally, Scorpios do not get rid of needing something from their partner, because we all need something from others. In the case of Scorpio and unlike other signs, Scorpio does not need signs of love and much love, because he understands that the person next to him is there because he loves him. However, it requires support. Scorpios are people who need to have their partner next door in everything. Discuss with her, make decisions between the two and feel supported in everything you want to start.

    The key to seducing a Scorpio is that we must respect its points of view and space, talk a lot with them and not just take them to trust and observe. We need to know his character and know him thoroughly to learn how to act in the way he expects us to do. If you conquer it, it will be forever.

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