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    How to conquer Sagittarius?

    To conquer a Sagittarius, it is important that he sees us as fun and social people. If there is something that a Sagittarius pursues is to have a partner with whom he does fun things both together, going out with friends, etc. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that Sagittarians are not jealous people who will always be behind us and this means that we must show ourselves as people they can trust at all times.

    A Sagittarius is an emotional person and who likes everything related to love, so to make them from time to time a special gift such as roses or a good perfume, will help us to be more open to have a relationship with US. However, when we think about making a gift, it is necessary to keep in mind that the Sagittarians are not conquered with money, or with expensive or showy things. They are more humble people who look at the small details, which we should take care of to the fullest.

    In the appointments that we get with this person, we should try to make them feel good, out of the complications of life, have fun and focus on us. This is a feeling that we will get with outings to nature in which there are not many people either making small trips or going to places where they have not been.

    This is one of the most loving signs that we can have on our side and conquering it may be simple, but they know well what they deserve for their way of being. They look for people who are affectionate like themselves and who can give them the love they want to have in their life.

    Finally, the Sagittarians are people who like good food and enjoy with friends, so it will be a good idea to prepare a dinner with your whole group of friends or go to this restaurant that you like so much. .

    The key to conquering a Sagittarius is knowing how to be at his side and giving him originality. The Sagittarius look for something new every day, details and affection. If we are able to give them this love, surprises and a good dose of humor, our Sagittarius will fall at our feet for life. Of course, we can not pretend that they are the ones who take the first step.

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