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    How to conquer Virgo?


    How to conquer Virgo?

    If there is something that we must take into account when we want to approach a Virgo is that these are not conquered with sentimental words so we will have to go a little further in this regard.

    If you want a Virgo to notice you, you will have to take care of your appearance and the way you dress, be organized at home and everything related to your life and, above all, you must be logical and rational . Analyzing things well before saying anything will be a point in favor even if you do not always agree on everything. The Virgos look for responsible, sociable people, who make them have fun but also people with whom to have good conversations and, above all, to be loyal to them. Virgos are much more vulnerable than they appear on the outside and do not usually give much confidence to people they know. Therefore, if you want to go further with this person, you will have to earn their full trust and not the bit that gives to friends.

    Demonstrate that we are loyal, culture lovers, sociable and, above all, that you can trust us are aspects that a Virgo has a lot in mind when choosing a stable partner. The Virgos know how they are inside, so even if they do not express it, they look for someone to give them security. This is the way in which relations with the Virgos advance, because it has people who give them security.

    A Virgo, in addition, is not conquered with sex or with great gifts, but with time. The best ally you have to conquer a Virgo is time, because he likes to have control over everything he does and not do things running. Never show hurry or lose patience with this person, because this could even be the end of the friendship relationship. On the other hand, if you want to achieve it, you will have to show her that you value her way, that you are interested in the same subjects, more or less than her, and that you can be the ideal person with whom to share innumerable intelligent conversations and be the Challenge that puts you to the test every day.

    The Virgos are pure energy when they are well with theirs and to conquer you there is nothing better than being a good challenge for them.

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