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    Compatibility of Aquarius: do you dare to do crazy things with me?


    Aquarian compatibilityDo you dare to do crazy things with me?

    The person in Aquarius is one of the most "crazy" people in the zodiac. It is witty, daring and rebellious. How is Aquarius compatible with the other signs of the zodiac? Would you like his way of being so creative and distinguished?

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    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can make you settle and, therefore, do not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article can be applied to Aquarius in love, Aquarius at work, Aquarius with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your natal chart.

    Aquarium with Aries

    Your intelligence finds a way of expression with the Aries person, although Aries does not need many reasons to act because he is so impulsive!

    Compatible energies. In reality, you do not stop doing things together because you can think of thousands of creative ideas. You are always having fun. Only you can stop the Aquarian theory that sometimes you bring up.

    Compatibility of Aquarius with the signs:

    Aquarium with Taurus

    There is a huge distance between these two personalities. Taurus is very mundane and materialistic for you. It is fixed in things that you do not give importance: that if the car, the money, the clothes ... In addition, Aquarius yes that returns crazy to auction to a Taurus, that always looks for tranquility and calmness.

    Both are fixed signs, which will make it likely that you will come face to face in these differences sooner or later. You are very different!

    Aquarium with Gemini

    Do not stop playing. There is always some new idea, something new to experience, something to learn, what to discover. You love surprises! You seek, you like, you attract.

    Your relationship is intermittent, it has moments or epochs, but you are like that, and that is how you like it.

    Aquarium with Cancer

    Cancer expects from you a love that you do not have. It is difficult to understand even at a basic level. You are rather incompatible.

    You are very detached, while Cancer wants a partner who gives him a lot of affection, who is close. Aquarius is more to go around here and tomorrow look the other way. It is not that you are not faithful, but that total freedom goes with you. Why limit yourself?

    Aquarium with Leo

    Here there is a lot of attraction. You look at yourself and you know what you're doing. Enthusiasm in abundance. You get contagious, you have a certain magnetic impulse, a special charisma. You are different and you like that.

    Intimacy will be the field that requires more work. What does each one feel? It is something that may cost you a lot to discover the other.

    Aquarium with Virgo

    While Virgo needs to have everything under control and understand every step it takes, when it joins an Aquarius, everything falls through!

    Aquarius gives mental leaps that Virgo can not follow. This produces some momentary attraction, but sooner or later, the energetic distance between the two signs causes the relationship not to last steadily.

    Aquarium with Libra

    Two different air signs are searched and attracted. Aquarius, with its creative and unique ideas, always stimulates the thinking of Libra.

    Both can star in very interesting innovative projects, full of harmony and human relationships through groups or institutions.

    Aquarius with Scorpio

    The energy distance between these two signs is quite large. Scorpio usually moves in territories of power, while Aquarius is pure freedom.

    This relationship seems very difficult. Only in labor camps is perhaps where they can share more time and common interests.

    Aquarium with Sagittarius

    This union is full of idealism and freedom. For work projects, two immensely creative people can come together to lift any type of project, however dead it may be.

    At the level of a couple, both enjoy a huge field of their own, and they know that they will not be able to change the other. Just keep in mind that one of the two (or rather, both) must take care of the most practical aspects of the day to day, because if not ...

    Aquarius with Capricorn

    Here the madness of Aquarius meets the good sense of Capricorn. How difficult! However, if both are mature people, each can contribute to the other what is precisely lacking.

    The relationship may have some punctual spark, but soon you can realize the differences that separate you. Of course, if you try and get it, there is nothing impossible for you!

    Aquarium with Aquarium

    Freedom, enjoy individual space, independent or common projects ... You just have to ask if you spend time for the transmission of affection and affection, because both usually look elsewhere.

    The most important thing here would be to see if there is mutual commitment in the relationship. If you are co-workers or friends, the compatibility is enormous and you are very well-behaved.

    Aquarium with Pisces

    Here two different languages ​​are given, with which it is easy to have misunderstandings.

    Pisces is very romantic and idealistic, and you can imagine things that are not really happening in reality. Aquarius can have its head in another place and not realize what is happening. In work projects this union can be very productive.

    Check the forecast of your zodiac sign!

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