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    Compatibility of Aries: coexisting with desire!


    Compatibility of Aries: Live with the desire!

    Aries is pure nerve, pure impulse, pure desire. How is it compatible with the other signs of the zodiac? Will you like your character decided, awake and intrepid? To know the characteristics of Aries, I recommend you read:

    Psychology of the Sign of Aries

    Characteristics of Aries

    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can stagnate you and not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article you can apply to Aries in love, Aries at work, Aries with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your Natal Chart.

    Compatibility of Aries with the other signs:

    Aries with Aries

    Intuition flows, there is connection, but perhaps you are very "in your ball". Independence is your strong point, but you should also take into account the other. You are two leaders but ... is there stability in the couple?

    Clashes, fights, contagion of laughter, enthusiasm. If you feel invaded, you react quickly and the friction or anger is guaranteed, although soon it happens to you!

    Aries with Taurus

    The prudent Aries looks like he does not get along very well with the fast Aries, right? Taurus tells Aries that you also have to stop to enjoy things, but Aries finds it hard to stand still ...

    You have to make an effort to complement each other, but intuitively you know each other, with what your link is possible in love or at work.

    Aries with Gemini

    This compatibility is easier. Gemini feeds the initiatives of Aries. Together you can form a very funny couple. You are both very extroverted, cheerful, spontaneous ...

    Of course, do not stop! Well there are so many things to know and do! The weak point will be the stability since you love the new attractions.

    Aries with Cancer

    Cancer is home, and love is fundamental. Aries prefers to go out and take the car. Here you shock above all in emotions. Aries is not as delicate with Cancer as the latter expects.

    Coexistence quite improbable. The impulsive aggressiveness of Aries affects the sensitivity of Cancer; the Cancer sign can easily feel hurt and not forget ...

    Aries with Leo

    Aries and Leo are very compatible signs. Fire with fire. You motivate, you like, you attract, what more can you ask for? It is easy to be together because you call your attention, even with stealth.

    Sexuality is a strong point (although it is convenient to look at the whole letter and see sexuality in Astrology). Fast excitement At work you must respect the individual space of each one.

    Aries with Virgo

    You, Aries, you wonder why Virgo stops so much looking at the details, why? Virgo is calmer than an Aries, who always wants to move at all costs.

    Incompatible signs, fire burns the earth?

    Aries with Libra

    You need it, you like it, but you also repel it because you are opposites! While Aries focuses on the Self, Libra does not forget the one next to it. Libra feels that a You complements a Self; Aries finds it hard to see beyond himself.

    Moments of encounter and disagreement. However, both can be enriched with commitment and will: Aries can learn from Libra that their actions have an effect on others, and Libra can learn from Aries that others do not have to be more important than oneself.

    Aries with Scorpio

    In this union is guaranteed excitement, explosion, struggle, passion ... Your common ruler is Mars, the most direct and frank planet par excellence.

    Intense relationship that can end in good port if Scorpio does not enter into obsessions ...

    Aries with Sagittarius

    Very compatible! Joy, merriment, courage, vitality, enthusiasm. It is so easy to be with the other. You understand yourself intuitively.

    There is constant stimulation between the two, and you are thinking about new projects very often.

    Aries with Capricorn

    Capricorn for you is exceedingly practical. You are more impulsive. Unsupported combination Capricorn thinks everything while you, Aries, reflections after acting?

    However, you can learn a lot from each other: you can learn from Capricorn the need for things to mature and to finish the projects that you initiate with enthusiasm. Capricorn will not remain in dead situations thanks to the dynamism of Aries. Aries looks to the future, Capricorn learns from the past.

    Aries with Aquarius

    Very interesting couple. You distinguish yourself from others. You do what nobody does, right? And if you do not, you would like to stand out and be different from the group.

    Innovation, joy, enthusiasm. There is nothing that can resist you. Compatible signs Aquarius puts innovative ideas that Aries takes to get going.

    Aries with Pisces

    The zodiac is a cycle that begins in Aries and ends in Pisces. In fact, the birth of an individuality (Aries) comes from the indiscriminate and diffuse energy of Pisces.

    Energetically there is a lot of distance between them. Pisces needs to stop and rest to dream and imagine, and Aries does not stop! Aries goes out into the world and stands out, Pisces moves away from the world and gets lost.

    Check the forecast of your zodiac sign!

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