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    Cancer Compatibility: love and love

    Cancer likes to feel loved and protected. Being attended and cared for makes you comfortable and at ease. How is it compatible with the other signs of the zodiac? Will you like your home, emotional and unstable character? To know the characteristics of Cancer, I recommend you read:

    Psychology of the Cancer sign

    Characteristics of Cancer

    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can make you settle and, therefore, do not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article you can apply to Cancer in love, Cancer at work, Cancer with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your natal chart.

    Compatibility of Cancer with signs:

    Cancer with Aries

    Here is somebody fighting (Aries sign) and someone who feels continuously hurt (Cancer sign). Is this combination possible? Well unlikely, since Aries and Cancer are very different.

    Cancer seeks human warmth, and what it finds with Aries is another kind of heat ... Aries needs to experiment, prove and be in constant movement, and this can exhaust Cancer. On the other hand, Aries receives a Cancer affection that basically does not require it.

    Cancer with Taurus

    You love yourself very much, you feel close, you are touched. "He is so affectionate." Compatible signs

    The regents of both signs show it: the Moon and Venus are planets very similar in their characteristics. Peace and sensitivity

    Cancer with Gemini

    Gemini is not standing still; he is always studying, asking, reading, and Cancer seeks greater company and sensitivity. Signs little compatible, a priori.

    It is as if they spoke different languages, one more from above (Gemini), and another one from the viscera (Cancer). If you want, go ahead, everything is possible!

    Cancer with Cancer

    You are very protective of one another, and you love each other a lot. It is important to know that you are a couple, not a mother to the other, okay?

    Compatible signs, but you can get to isolate yourself from the world, and finally feel what you most fear: loneliness. Going out to the outside world is crucial to the good health of the relationship.

    Cancer with Leo

    People quite different, although there is an intuitive love between them. Leo understands Cancer, although his real interests are others. Cancer also understands Leo's nature, even if he does not share it.

    Relationship that must be cultivated. Communication will be important to refine your differences.

    Cancer with Virgo

    Here two feminine signs come together, two quiet signs, and they like that.

    It is easy for this relationship to grow. It is not difficult to understand the other, and those differences enrich them. Although there is a world outside of them, they do not care as much as having a well-ordered house and feeling peace and security.

    Cancer with Libra

    A Libra likes to go out and meet people, but the Cancer person can live this as something risky for their sensitivity.

    Relationship not very compatible A lot of effort should be put by both. Libra thinks a lot for Cancer; he also needs an emotional balance that Cancer does not give him.

    Cancer with Scorpio

    Emotion (open or hidden) reigns in this relationship. Somehow they get attached, and they can depend on each other, even though they are separated most of the time.

    This relationship can bear fruit if you work. Being sincere and expressing your emotional reality can bring clarity to a somewhat strange relationship.

    Cancer with Sagittarius

    While Cancer seeks safety, Sagittarius wants freedom. Much distance separates them.

    Relations with friends is not the strong point of Cancer, and Sagittarius is willing to travel and meet new people.

    Cancer with Capricorn

    They instinctively know each other. They are very different, but that creates precisely attraction.

    Cancer moves Capricorn, and it stabilizes Cancer. In both of them there is awareness of power and of managing groups. You can get along very well.

    Cancer with Aquarius

    Incompatible signs in essence. Aquarius is insensitive to Cancer, and they do not understand each other.

    Aquarius usually lives uninvolved in their emotions, and thinks and creates new things immediately detached from their partner. The Cancer person needs company, and Aquarius always leaves her alone ...

    Cancer with Pisces

    Imagination and fantasy reigns in this relationship. Both can live a fascinating courtship, full of wonderful sensations.

    Love and affection are present, but maybe not everything is rosy. Positive relationship as long as there are no self-deceptions or assumptions, something that can be easily present in the environment.

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