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    Compatibility of Capricorn: do you want to have a project with me?


    Compatibility of Capricorn: Do you want to have a project with me?

    To say Capricorn sign is to talk about projects, about accomplishment, about goals. The Capricorn person has very good common sense. How is Capricorn compatible with the other signs of the zodiac? Will they like your way of being disciplined and efficient?

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    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can make you settle and, therefore, do not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article can be applied to Capricorn in love, Capricorn at work, Capricorn with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your natal chart.

    Compatibility of Capricorn with the signs:

    Capricorn with Aries

    Signs with desire to do things, to go far, with ambition. Aries can be very impulsive, but Capricorn will shape ideas.

    This combination is not easy to carry, because while Aries wants and looks to the future, Capricorn is careful not to make mistakes because he is very careful not to repeat what has been done wrong in the past. However, if communication between both is possible, the richness of the relationship can be impressive.

    Capricorn with Taurus

    These signs are very friendly, and easily understood. Of course, do you realize that you are very practical and talk a lot about money and work?

    However, it seems that you do not need to talk about other things. This relationship can be very stable, and last for many years. If there is a change in any of the two, it is the only obstacle that you will have to overcome in order to remain united.

    Capricorn with Gemini

    The truth is that Gemini drives you crazy. It is so changeable! Why do not you focus? Capricorn is serious, formal and responsible. And it's not that Gemini is not, but certainly not?

    You are very different. Earth and air never got along very well. It is not easy for the relationship to be something firm and lasting.

    Capricorn with Cancer

    These two signs are opposite, but just that makes them complementary! You both know how important protection is and feeling safe.

    There are arguments, fights, Capricorn seems very cold for Cancer, Cancer very unstable for Capricorn. But deep down, there is always something that unites you firmly.

    Capricorn with Leo

    This couple can enter into subtle power struggles. You Capricorn, you like the power, but Leo is also. In something you admire yourself, in something you envy yourself, in something you do not support yourself, in something you love ...

    A priori, bad combination, and you have to work it out so that one comes to understand the different way of being of the other. You have great respect.

    Capricorn with Virgo

    When Capricorn and Virgo come together, be assured of the nature of commitment and seriousness that arises in the relationship.

    It will be Capricorn who, with his ambition, will set goals; Meanwhile, Virgo adapts to its initiatives. Good relationship, whatever the type.

    Capricorn with Libra

    Capricorn needs commitment in everything he undertakes. Libra has an intuition about agreements and dealings between people, but the efficiency that "demands" Capricorn may seem excessive.

    Although archetypally there is distance between the two signs, it is very likely that both learn from each other mutually, and the relationship can be established over time.

    Capricorn with Scorpio

    Water and Earth come together in this couple. They understand and share interests, with which both can be good complements.

    Labor and sentimentally are two related signs, and tend to seek new goals, new achievements where they can express themselves and materialize their capabilities.

    Capricorn with Sagittarius

    Capricorn is realistic, firm, conscientious, stable, with well-defined objectives. To Sagittarius, all this stops his impulses and ideals.

    They can complement each other very well, as long as they respect each other and recognize that the other can not be like one. Much seriousness "will kill" the Sagittarius, but much enthusiasm will not make Capricorn happy either, because he needs to fulfill specific goals.

    Capricorn with Capricorn

    If it is an employment relationship, there may be competition, although if spaces are well defined, there remains a faithful commitment and collaboration.

    At the level of a couple, it may be an excessively cold relationship if the birth chart of each does not contain the presence of other signs of fire or air. Boredom, but also firm stability.

    Capricorn with Aquarius

    Here the madness of Aquarius meets the good sense of Capricorn. How difficult! However, if both are mature people, each can contribute to the other what is precisely lacking.

    The relationship may have some punctual spark, but soon you can realize the differences that separate you. Of course, if you try and get it, there is nothing impossible for you.

    Capricorn with Pisces

    Pisces asks Capricorn a little more fantasy and imagination. The romanticism must take into account the Capricorn to make a Pisces happy.

    It can lead to a practical love, but if new ideas, travel or spirituality arise, there is assured a great wealth in the relationship.

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