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    Scorpio Compatibility: Do you want to feel total passion?


    Scorpio Compatibility: Do you want to feel total passion?

    To say Scorpio is to say intensity, passion, to live life with emotion. The Scorpio person feels in some special way, because he looks different from the others. How does Scorpio match the other signs of the zodiac? Will you like his direct and extremist character at times?

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    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can make you settle and, therefore, do not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article you can apply to Scorpio in love, Scorpio at work, Scorpio with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your natal chart.

    Compatibility of Scorpio with the signs:

    Scorpio with Aries

    Powerful, direct, intense relationship. There is a lot of attraction, or a lot of rejection. The planet Mars is very present in both, with what is frequent the discussions, fights or fights.

    Aries can be very basic or very repetitive "why will always want the same?". Scorpio is more emotional and complex. If there is union, sexuality is well alive.

    Scorpio with Taurus

    You have to see what emotional undercurrents flow in this relationship. Power can be something that is very present. You do not tend to open up to others with breadth and sincerity.

    There is a risk of attachment, or dependency. Possession can be something that you live in given moments. Be careful because that makes you lose individual freedom, although you have a lot of love.

    Scorpio with Gemini

    Gemini is not as stupid as a Scorpio. While the Gemini sign is very mental, Scorpio can also be it, but deep down your desires and emotions.

    You can be interesting, because you like the differences after all, but you must make an effort to be able to live together.

    Scorpio with Cancer

    How affectionate you are ... but how susceptible you are too ... right? When something bothers you, wham! you express your inner volcano. You can in that circle of attraction and constant rejection.

    It is convenient to be very sincere and authentic so that the waters are increasingly calm and stable. How do I feel? How you feel? What has bothered you? These are questions that can come in handy to overcome the potholes of the relationship.

    Scorpio with Leo

    Relationship is not compatible because maybe you enter into power struggles. You have your ambition and pride, so you do not give in easily to the other.

    If both clearly define your personal space, mutual collaboration can be tremendously successful, although some conflict may arise at some point given your strong character.

    Scorpio with Virgo

    This combination can be strong and powerful. Virgo is able to contain the emotions of a Scorpio (well, not always), and Scorpio likes the intelligence of Virgo.

    There can be a very good friendly or even sentimental relationship. The experiences will be enriching and there will be great experiences.

    Scorpio with Libra

    Scorpio moves in areas of emotional intensity, where the sharing of intimacies takes a relevant role in the relationship. Libra is an air sign that, as such, prefers to distance itself from emotions.

    This means that there are moments of strong attraction, but that in the long term, it is not easy to continue with the relationship because they are two quite different energies.

    Scorpio with Scorpio

    It is clear that when two scorpios come together, surely there will be encounters and disagreements, attractions and repulsions. The power game will be present.

    With the ability to see, maybe you see each other and you can see what is contributing to the relationship. But if they blame themselves and project what each one is, the relationship will last for a while but in the end it will probably break down drastically.

    Scorpio with Sagittarius

    Scorpio digs in the depths, while Sagittarius aspires to discover new territories with enthusiasm. The differences are great and it seems that they have nothing to do, but if each one has in his natal chart something of the energy of the other, it is easy to have compatibility.

    Scorpio must learn not to gloat in pain and drama, and Sagittarius can learn from Scorpio that sometimes you have to go through pain experiences to move on.

    Scorpio with Capricorn

    Water and Earth come together in this couple. They understand and share interests, with which both can be good complements.

    Labor and sentimentally are two related signs, and tend to seek new goals, new achievements where they can express themselves and materialize their capabilities.

    Scorpio with Aquarius

    The energy distance between these two signs is quite large. Scorpio usually moves in territories of power, while Aquarius is pure freedom.

    This relationship seems very difficult. Only in labor camps is perhaps where they can share more time and common interests.

    Scorpio with Pisces

    Imagination, fantasy, adventures of a very intimate kind ... are usually between Scorpio and Pisces.

    Sex seems to be something very shared. But we must not forget that for the relationship to be stable and lasting, they must train in the art of communication and get to know each other in a more objective way, without unconscious projections (which is what they will do inertially).

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