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    Compatibility of Gemini: the important thing is to understand


    Compatibility of Gemini: the important thing is to understand

    Gemini is intelligence, communication, having friends. How is it compatible with the other signs of the zodiac? Will you like his talkative, fun and changing character? To know the characteristics of Gemini, I recommend you read:

    Psychology of the sign Gemini

    Characteristics of Gemini

    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can make you settle and, therefore, do not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article you can apply to Gemini in love, Gemini at work, Gemini with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your natal chart.

    Compatibility of Gemini with the signs:

    Gemini with Aries

    Joy, fun, adventure, movement ... This union can be full of enthusiasm and motivation. Curiosity, sexual attraction and adventure in abundance.

    These two signs stimulate each other a lot. Of course, do not talk about feelings, how you feel, because that costs you both a little. Maybe you accumulate small anger that sooner or later can leave. So, maybe it's good to talk about how you are with each other from time to time, ok?

    Gemini with Taurus

    Taurus is a slow sign, Gemini is a quick sign. It seems that you have a different rhythm of understanding life. Surely at times you are, but as soon as you met, as soon as you can see distanced.

    More incompatible signs than related ones. You have to put a lot of love and effort to make the relationship a success, be it a work or sentimental relationship.

    Gemini with Gemini

    Conversing is your favorite hobby. How many hours can you be hanging on the phone? Think, talk about this and the other, blah, blah, blah ...

    You are very compatible because you are similar, of course. For social relationships you are ideal. How many friends you have! And if you already share the emotions to understand you better, well congratulations.

    Gemini with Cancer

    Cancer likes the house, since Gemini likes to leave home? Go, go. And be careful to see if the Cancer person makes a kind of mother with that of Gemini ...

    Every relationship is possible, even this, but you have to assume that there is a distance between your hobbies, tastes and particularities, with what you have to work these things to be successful.

    Gemini with Leo

    This combination is usual. You can be from social relationships, because Gemini likes to have many friends, and Leo loves to be considerate. You lose an unmistakable attraction when you are together.

    You are very creative and you really want to live. So, to share and take into account also your differences.

    Gemini with Virgo

    These two signs are well known because both have Mercury as regent, the planet of communication and detail. In them predominates the mind with what they are always thinking.

    In general they are very little compatible because Virgo controls and is too serious for a Gemini who loves to have fun and laugh. One thinks of the organization (Virgo); the other is dispersed by definition (Gemini).

    Gemini with Libra

    These two signs are very easy to make friends. They both like each other and enjoy each other's intelligence. They learn from each other's way of thinking.

    Perhaps there is a lack of stability in the relationship (cardinal and mutable sign, respectively). They are attracted but fail to specify and determine something safe. Libra doubt and Gemini is not defined.

    Gemini with Scorpio

    Sooner or later it is very likely that these two signs collide with each other. Scorpio wants to dig into the words of Gemini, and the latter is continually jumping from one thought to another.

    It is as if they belonged to different worlds. They live things differently and they will have to work hard on the relationship (whatever the type) to make it happen.

    Gemini with Sagittarius

    Signs that attract and reject. Continuously they usually enter into dialogues and discussions in which each one takes a position opposite to that of the other. It is as if they were needed and liked, but on the other hand they stagnate in the same point that has to do with reason and thought.

    Good relationship if they respect each other and make an effort to understand themselves beyond words.

    Gemini with Capricorn

    Capricorn is serious and responsible. Gemini instead seeks precisely the freedom of movement without having to worry about other things.

    Unrelated signs to establish a lasting relationship between them. They look towards very different places.

    Gemini with Aquarius

    Very compatible signs They attract, they like, they look for each other. They are very original and surprise each other.

    It is very possible that the relationship is not based on something deeply stable in such a way that the relationship does not last, but of course, they are enjoyed for at least a good time.

    Gemini with Pisces

    Pisces likes to dream and Gemini gives him court and opportunity for it because he is very flexible. This union tends to develop confused and strange relationships, with desires of the most varied. Passion, union, disunity ...

    The idealism and imaginative caprice of Pisces may fit only for a while with Gemini, so that both seek something different when they have exhausted their adventurous affinities.

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