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    Leo Compatibility: Do you want to know what is good?


    Leo Compatibility: Do you want to know what is good?

    Leo is vigorous, elegant and portentous. He likes to impress and be admired, why not say it? So, being that way, how do you reconcile with the other signs of the zodiac? Will they like your pride but also your good heart? To know the characteristics of Leo, I recommend you read:

    Psychology of the sign of Leo

    Characteristics of Leo

    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can make you settle and, therefore, do not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article you can apply to Leo in love, Leo at work, Leo with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your natal chart.

    Compatibility of Leo with the signs:

    Leo with Aries

    How much connection there is here together! You are pure energy wanting to go out into the world and prove your worth and courage. Among you there is a lot of empathy and understanding; no need to talk.

    Of course, there will be anger, discussions, definition of limits ... but you respect the space of the other, very good relationship you can enjoy!

    I read with Taurus

    You may feel attracted to each other, but maybe after a while, you will notice how many differences separate you ...

    Stability you seek, but Leo wants more movement and joy than that offered by the Taurus person. However, Leo loves to excite Taurus (and vice versa too!)

    I read with Gemini

    Leo and Gemini may be playing for a long time, although in the end Leo expects a greater seriousness of Gemini. Leo is faithful, but Gemini prefers to "vary."

    You like it, but the fire can end if other more internal and emotional qualities are not cultivated.

    Leo with Cancer

    Leo can exhaust the love and protection that a Cancer gives off. Yes, it feels good, but after a while, it feels a little "cloying".

    It is very possible that Leo is the one in charge of the relationship. Cancer will go along with it, but they can jump authentic emotional bombs if resentments and emotions are not "aired".

    Leo with Leo

    Here are two kings, or two queens, or two kings? You know each other very well, and you know what the other likes. Affine combination.

    If a Leo struggles to be the protagonist of the relationship, perhaps the other will settle, but sparks could jump sooner or later, because the real desire is that there is a relationship between you and you.

    Leo with Virgo

    As with Cancer, Leo and Virgo will tend to have an unequal relationship. While Virgo is very helpful and attentive to detail, Leo's gaze is more general and directive.

    This relationship should be worked on so that it evolves favorably. At work they can complement each other very well, but of course, Leo being the boss!

    Leo with Libra

    Leo and Libra like each other, attract each other, wink. This relationship is dynamic and fun, as long as Leo's ego does not exceed the aesthetic equilibrium that Libra demands.

    The air of Libra with its intelligent ideas, motivates the action of Leo. Only Leo's passion can overwhelm the Libra person; otherwise, ok.

    Leo with Scorpio

    When Leo and Scorpio share their space, it can arise from everything ... They are two energies with great power, and the two can fight for that personal power.

    The relationship is not quiet, but tends to passion and certain conflicts. If they respect and know their limits, it can be an immensely productive union.

    I read with Sagittarius

    These two fire signs love to travel, make adventures, share new ideas, etc. When they are together. Both are stimulated, and there is always something to do.

    This relationship also works very well in the field of work. Sentimentally they may have their genius rubbing, but the frankness of both can overcome these shocks.

    Leo with Capricorn

    Capricorn has very clear ideas, and quickly learns what Leo wants and does not want. And to Leo, Capricorn seems overly prudent and serious.

    Initially, the relationship is not easy. Again, fire and earth seem to demonstrate their incompatibility in this relationship. If they manage to adapt well, congratulations.

    Leo with Aquarius

    Leo and Aquarius are attracted, but they are largely opposed. Aquarius seeks the group, while Leo wants to be something more protagonist.

    Motivation, enthusiasm and impulsive magnetism (although the Aquarium always goes a little free). Your most difficult task is to become emotionally intimate and agree.

    Leo with Pisces

    Leo's strength joins the sensibility of Pisces. Pisces usually has a much more introverted role in this relationship than Leo.

    The attraction between them can arise, even with fantastic and wonderful tints, but it seems difficult to maintain and stabilize the relationship.

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