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    Pisces Compatibility: I want to fall in love and you fall in love with me


    Pisces Compatibility: I want to fall in love and you fall in love with me

    The Pisces person is someone incredibly imaginative and fanciful. She loves to fall in love, to feel in love. Pisces are very sensitive and romantic. How is Pisces compatible with the other signs of the zodiac? Will you like your dreams?

    As it has been said in Compatibility of signs of the zodiac, sometimes the differences are not incompatibilities, but features that complement each other, ok? Even clear affinities between certain signs can make you settle and, therefore, do not evolve. Nothing is final.

    The article can be applied to Pisces in love, Pisces at work, Pisces with friends, etc. And even to understand the differences between the planets that are in different sign of your Natal Chart.

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    Compatibility of Pisces with the signs:

    Pisces with Aries

    Aries is very aggressive for you. Something attracts you to him, perhaps precisely that impulsiveness and courage, but in truth you need more sensitivity and affection.

    Coexistence can be difficult. and that is that we are talking about water (Pisces) and fire (Aries). Yes, passion and sex there can be a lot.

    Pisces with Taurus

    Possible combination You are sensual and affectionate. You like the good life. Surely you have a good physical body, a special attraction.

    Imagination can be a feature that activates you in the relationship very often. You are very different but you can get along very well, and get involved in everyday tasks.

    Pisces with Gemini

    This relationship is pure adventure, pure game. You have unbridled occurrences! You like to try and experiment. Maybe Gemini with his words runs out on Pisces, but there is always an opportunity for attraction.

    The only bad thing is that it can be a very variable relationship, and continually change state, now you are fine, now you are wrong, now you are not?

    Pisces with Cancer

    You like to be together, you feel very close, you understand each other intuitively, even if you do not speak.

    It would be better if you expressed more that inner world so rich that you both have. Sometimes you shut things up and then surprises happen, but if you want, you can spend a lot of time enjoying your company.

    Pisces with Leo

    It is possible that you fall in love briefly. Sex, adventure, protagonism, are ingredients that you enjoy together. But as soon as this ends, the reality of your differences may appear.

    You expect Leo to be a little more loving, and that he is not always taking initiatives and actions that give him power and well-being. In the conquest period, great, but then, you have to do it!

    Pisces with Virgo

    The sign of Virgo and Pisces form an axis of opposition. Here there is attraction and repulsion. Virgo brings reason, Pisces brings imagination.

    The empathy between the two can be very strong, and the attitude and understanding also. Each can give much to the other, creating a great rapport.

    Pisces with Libra

    Pisces is an immensely imaginative sign, but this gives it a certain indefiniteness in the things it does. Libra prefers shapes and delimited things.

    At first there may be strong attraction and sensitivity, but it is very likely that the relationship is diluted over time by the simple difference between the two signs.

    Pisces with Scorpio

    Imagination, fantasy, adventures of a very intimate kind ... are usually between Scorpio and Pisces.

    Sex seems to be something very shared. But we must not forget that for the relationship to be stable and lasting, they must train in the art of communication and get to know each other in a more objective way, without unconscious projections (which is what they will do inertially).

    Pisces with Sagittarius

    Sagittarius and Pisces can star in a splendid romance. Imagination and fantasy reign in the relationship.

    The risk can be in idealizing the couple and being out of reality. But bored, they will not get bored. It can be an explosive mixture!

    Pisces with Capricorn

    Pisces asks Capricorn a little more fantasy and imagination. The romanticism must take into account the Capricorn to make a Pisces happy.

    It can lead to a practical love, but if new ideas, travel or spirituality arise, there is assured a great wealth in the relationship.

    Pisces with Aquarius

    Here two different languages ​​are given, with which it is easy to have misunderstandings.

    Pisces is very romantic and idealistic, and you can imagine things that are not really happening in reality. Aquarius can have its head in another place and not realize what is happening. In work projects this union can be very productive.

    Pisces with Pisces

    This relationship can be of all time. Maybe there is a lot of emotion but you do not show it, maybe you are often expressing how much you love each other ...

    It is likely that one of the two is very rational, and avoids emotional contact with the other person, why? Because it awakens so many feelings ...

    Check the forecast of your zodiac sign!

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