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    The protective Fairy of the Aquarius sign


    The protective Fairy of the Aquarius sign: Queen Aril

    For those born under the sign of Aquarius things are never definitive, because they understand every stage of life towards something better. They believe in permanent change and in the need for that change to occur. If not, they have the obligation to promote it. They go from one place to another producing fractures in the course of things, with the idea of ​​leading those around them to a new and better destiny. They do not always get it.

    They are tireless agents of change: creatures of the air who only feel alive in the transformation of lives. Their enemy is the time that does not allow them to try everything they want to try, to live everything they want to live in different ways ...

    For the natives of this sign it is necessary the assistance of a fairy who understands the need for change, who is herself a champion of transformation and who has in her heart the renewing fire. That fairy is Queen Aril.

    Queen Aril is the queen of intelligence and intuition. Queen over the secret winds that whisper among the trees talking about the mysteries of nature and life, about the secret machines that drive the sap in the trees and move the stars. It is the fairy that powers the changes, that moves the water of the rivers and thaws the fields when spring arrives.

    If an Aquarian feels that this capacity to modify life has left him aside, that his energy is not that of yesteryear, that he could no longer add movement to the river and that the river of his life is stagnating, he should ask for help from the Reina Aril with these simple words:

    "You know that the water of the river is never the same, that the breaths of the air are never the same, that each snowflake and each pistil of the dandelion is different. That each rock is unrepeatable, and that no heart is the same. That everything changes and everything is renewed, help me to be the one who carries the fire that heals and modifies, that makes water cloud and wind cloud. Make me who moves the chips on the big board of the Cosmos. "

    Once the words that move Aril have been said, his favors will be received without delay.

    To attract Aril to your home, you should place colored crystals in a metal bowl under a mirror of water. Place dry leaves in baskets and put them in your windows. Paint your environments in bold colors, using shades that play with sunlight.

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