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    The protective fairy of the sign of Aries


    The protective fairy of the sign of Aries: Queen of Paradise

    The natives of the sign of Aries are leaders by nature. They accept the challenges without fear, and do not take a step backwards in the conquest of what they know, whether they are people, goals, jobs ... They are, therefore, people who take to heaven by assault, like the maroons that the represent

    To people like you more than a protective fairy, what they need is an ally who, shoulder to shoulder, accompanies them in their endless ascents to the first place in all spheres of existence.

    For those who were born under the sign of the cimarron the fairy that corresponds to them is the one that is associated with the fire, with the resurrection, with the power to reinvent themselves and of those who wish to heaven as the setting for their dreams: the Queen of Paradise.

    The Queen of Paradise is a powerful and inclement fairy. He does not believe that obstacles should be avoided: he is in favor of destroying them.

    His lineage is that of the salamanders: those fantastic beings who go in good taste to the bonfire, and who, far from being consumed by the flames, strengthen themselves with them. They do not burn or are consumed: they make the powers of the flames their own, their heat and energy, and thanks to it they evolve, grow, become stronger and immune to fire.

    This is how the Aries are: natural adventurers who throw themselves before measuring the consequences, who believe that safety nets are an unnecessary precaution, because they are convinced that they will learn to fly on the fly.

    The Queen of Paradise is a fairy to which the Aries can go when the obstacles multiply or resist. In those cases, the Arian must make his request to the Queen as follows:

    "You who reign over all fires, Fairy of Paradise, Queen of the Heights, you who know the fire of love, the fire of the fires, the fire of the ice and the fire of the sun. You who make one of them all, the Renewing Fire, listen to my plea. As Prometheus stole fire to give it to men, I ask you to give me your torch to illuminate this darkness that does not give way, and take me to the forest clearing where another challenge awaits me and another path ... "

    If done in this way, the favors requested will be granted.

    The Queen of Paradise is attracted to your home with purple candles in the windows, bedding of that color, petals of bougainvillea floating in a mirror of water and perfume of gardenia. The essence of cinnamon also gives very good results, as well as the presence of cats and gardens with large trunk trees.

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