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    The protective Fairy of the Cancer sign


    The protective Fairy of the Cancer sign: Queen Melusina

    Those born under the sign of the hybrid are people who adapt easily to any environment, and can pass without fear from one medium to another, from one test to another, from one job to the next ... They are the masters of evolution: They have left the waters to penetrate the earth, and to make every enclave, inhospitable as it may be, their home. Explorers and loving parents, never give up in their thirst for progress.

    Maybe that is why they live with a great attachment to their home. His mission in life is to find the love of his life, and to found a family with him, a home where no cracks or misunderstandings will fit. Cancer carries their home on their backs, for they can found their nation in every place, no matter what the difficulties.

    The fairy who has taken Cancer under protection is one who takes care of the fertility of things, who sneaks in through all the spaces and blesses everything with his breath of life, which passes from the sea to the land, from rivers to the heavens, who knows about change and adaptation. The Cancerian fairy is the fairy Melusina.

    The Queen Melusina is the one that governs on the ondinos spirits, those that conform the rains and the tides. It is the power that perfectly complements the Cancer (representing stagnant water), because Melusina owes the waters in motion.

    A Cancerian must go to Melusina when he feels that his life needs changes and impulse. When you feel that business and the economy are lethargic, that love is submerged in apathy, that health languishes, you can ask Melusina's favor with this request:

    "You who rule over the silver tides of the moon, who put the rainbow over the veil of the rain, who bless the crops and leave a drop of dew on each petal, who guides the course of each river and who laughs in each waterfall . I ask you to give me the strength of the runaway water to face my challenges and duties, that you allow me to get out of immobility and break like the wave on the sand, carving time and life to my will ".

    If so, the requested favor will be granted.

    To attract Melusina to your home, use water mirrors: put a metal container with water that you have blessed in your windows and next to the doors. Place water glasses covered in petals next to your bed, and transparent crystals in the center of all your tables.

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